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I Think I Figured It Out!


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My erratic gas mileage has been driving me insane!!!! As you know, I have even gotten Lexus involved. Yesterday I was on my weekly trek to Tunica going down the interstate at 75. I looked at my average mileage and it was 24. When I drove to South Carolina I averaged 31. I was just staining my brain to try to figure out what the variable was when DUH!!!!!!!!!! It hit me like a ton of bricks. It is the difference in me driving with my top up and the car is all sleek and aerodynamic, and having the top down and the wind all swirling around and into my car!

Except for the drive to and from SC, I bet my top hasn't been up an hour since I retired. No wonder my mileage has dropped so.

Can you believe that the dealership and Lexus couldn't figure that out. Sometimes it just takes a blond. I'm going to call Lexus and tell them. The girl that was helping me was so nice.

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