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  1. Typing this on my phone: So I borrowed one of those FIXD devices and used it, and the error that came up was for fuel air mixture sensor. A friend and I got under the car and we found the sensor near the cat literally just hanging down by the wire, not even plugged into the pipe. Apparently the tie down for that had rotted away and fallen off. So as a temporary measure I took some heavy duty steel wire and simply tied it down, in the proper position. As soon as I did this the car began purring like a kitten and I have noticed a significant increase in power. I did however also notice a few small holes in my exhaust line, which are going to need to be repaired. As for the loss of oil, I don’t know… Thanks for your advice, also.
  2. Hi guys, So I have a 2001 rx300 with about 140,000 miles on it. Recently it has started running loud and after long drives, the VSC and Check Engine lights came on at the same time (I had detached the negative battery terminal to reset the computer twice, and both times the lights came back on after long drives in high heat). At one point last week I also noticed that the oil light was flashing when I would brake. Because of this, I checked the oil and it looked empty - like not even a drop on the dipstick. As a result, I put more oil in, but I had JUST changed the oil and filter only a few hundred miles before that. There does not appear to be any oil leak either. I can find no oil spots or leaks anywhere. Originally I thought, based on how the engine sounded (it also feels a little weak I think), that there must be an exhaust problem, but now I'm not so sure. I have seen previous posts regarding the VSC and Check engine lights, but they were not exactly as verbose as my problem, nor did they mention seemingly losing oil. So to summarize: 1. Car running loud, feels weak 2. VSC and Check Engine lights come on after 60-70 mile drives in high heat 3. looks to be slowly losing oil, and yet not leaking, and no blue smoke Just wondering what all you experts think...? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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