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Fail Emission Test


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A little search on Google says that cylinder #3 is misfiring. Either the spark plug is bad, the wiring connector to the ignition coil pack on top of the spark plug is bad (broken wire/corroded connection), the coil pack itself is bad, or the engine computer is bad.

To track down which is the problem, first check the wiring connector to the coil pack and clean or fix/replace it. Then remove and swap the coil pack for one of the other good ones on the car and read the code. If #3 is good now, replace the original coil pack. If that's not it, time for all new spark plugs. The ECM (engine computer) would be last on the list and a used one may be your best bet and much cheaper than new.

Here's the problem ... cylinder #3 is the middle one , dead center on the back bank of cylinders, under the intake manifold, next to the firewall of the car. It is very difficult to get to, and most mechanics will want to remove the intake manifold to get at it ... read "time consuming and dollar signs". Sorry that I don't have better news. Good Luck!

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