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Just Bought A 2011 Gs450H! Traded In The Rx400H

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Hi all!!

This weekend i traded in my 2008 Rx400h for a 2011 GS450h and wanted to share some details!

It all started with some progressive mechanical failures with my RX400h that began a few weeks ago. I ended up having to put about $3,000 into the engine (coils, plugs, head gasket) and the inverter was beginning to leak. I decided to dump the car before anything else failed.

In the past few years, i started liking the '07-'11 GS450h, but could never afford one (at least not one new enough for my liking). I just started my new job and have been saving, so i decided to make a move on one.

I found a 2011 GS450h at a Lexus dealership in New Jersey (about 3.5 hours drive from where i live) with only 1,236 miles on it. Turns out, it served as a "demo" vehicle for the dealer from 1/1/2011 until now. It was never sold, never titled, just used for test drives, etc. Looking at the carfax and service history on the My Lexus site, i can see the slow increase in mileage month to month over the past 3 years.

So i took the drive to see it on Saturday. The GS450h was still in NEW condition. The interior was 100% flawless, with a new car smell as potent as a brand new 2014. The exterior was very clean, also. It was as if someone put it into a time machine and teleported it 3 years into the future.

The asking price was $39,000. Non-negotiable. Considering the fact that it's the ONLY '10-'11 (the most updated body style for that generation) GS450h in the entire country listed on auto-trader with that little mileage and in that condition, i'd say it was a good price. They gave me $17,000 for my RX400h which i thought was fair.

I'm very happy with it so far! I've been after this model for a long time. The '07-'11 GS450h is the fastest Lexus ever built (to this day) besides the IS-F and of course the LFA. And BOY is it QUICK.

I'm really not liking the newest generation Lexus' with that hourglass grill and BMW-esque interior. I'm glad i was able to find this car, as it's most likely the last Lexus i'll ever like!

There's a REALLY funny story about my trip home... I'll post back later when i have some time. Here are a few pictures (more to come later).



What do yoy guys think!?

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I think you got a really nice Lexus. Congrats and enjoy.

I also have one of the quicker 3.5L Lexus models available given the lowish curb weight combined with 306hp, and I do like the available power.

(Ooops, I'm not supposed to be in this section)...

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