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platinums run around $3.95 - $4.95 ea around Boston.

regulars around $1.95 ea.

Don't get fooled by gimicks either. You don't need the splitfire tips, the dual dips or even the Bosch +4 tips.

The simple tride and true single post and tip gapped correctly (of coarse) will be just fine.


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the history books are full of ingenious ideas of manufactures

over the past 100 years

the idea of a 4 conductors is for reduction of resistance by giving the spark options

as the tips wear it looks for the shortist gap to jump

hope this helps

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All well and good, but where are the plugs? And how doesone go about changing them? There does not seem to be anything about it in the owner's manual and supplement - just the name and part number. I looked under the hood and found nothing. They recommend changing at 60,000 miles, but how? [i've got a 1998 ES300]

-- Jexus

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Chilton and Hayes both publish an aftermarket service manual for the 97-01 ES. (also covers Camry, Avalon and Solara). You can get this for about $20 on Amazon. The answers you seek will be found there.

You may also find an authentic Lexus service manual for your 98 on ebay. From the dealer, they are a 2-3 volume set and run for about $100-$150 each.

I haven't used the non-Lexus published CD version so frequently sold on ebay, so I won't comment.


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