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  1. Couldn't find this anywhere, but... it seems I may be in need of a new motor now. Besides a junkyard, is there anywhere to find an OEM or perhaps a better designed antenna motor (that will fit a '96)?
  2. I ordered a replacement mast from ebay. Got it a couple days ago and tried to install it. Did it with a friend since I didn't want anything to go wrong. Needless to say... when he was working the pliers on the chrome part he made a scratch right next to it. Attached are pics of the damage.:cries: I hope this can be fixed by a simple wax job. If you look closely on the first pic, you can also see where the pliers sunk into the plastic piece.. :( Now that I've given up using his help, I just need to make sure of something- how easily is that chrome piece suppose to loosen? (and it is the c
  3. I did the "Find What Fits My Car" for antennas on that site and that was what came up. Had a feeling it wasn't the right part. Where can I buy an OEM antenna mast (which I assume is the best choice as far as replacements go?) at a good price?
  4. Is this the correct mast for a '96 ES300? And as far as price goes, is that considered a good deal?
  5. Looks great, but it still refuses to automatically log me in even when I have it checked and cookies enabled (all other boards I visit work fine).:chairshot:
  6. sounds like an idea... but controls are a bit hard to reach and could be a little distracting...
  7. sweet story there TL.. same model i have
  8. so.. how much would u expect to pay? ^_^
  9. what brand of spark plug do you guys recommend for the es300? ;)
  10. thanks all u guys really helped. B)
  11. hi, what is the recommended tire psi for the '96 ES300? thanks!
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