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Air Conditioner Problem

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Today my air conditioner stopped blowing out air...nothing is coming out of the vent (neither cool air nor air from the fan). When I got home, I popped the hood and the fans are running when it is on. Does this sound like it could be a compressor issue?

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If the AC is running, you can hear the fan for the heater/ac running as well, but no air is comming out of the vents, then you have an issue with the various doors on the heater/ac box that open and close to allow the air to travel to the various vents.

Since I don't have a factory service manual, I can't tell you whether the various heater doors are vaccuum or electric motor operated. If they are motor operated there will be a reset procedure to get everything back to normal. Unfortunately, I don't know what that procedure is for an ES330 (I do for my 2005 GMC 3500HD dually and my 07 Subaru OutBack LTD, but Lexus service manuals are not readily available), and it may well be that the motor for that one door is defective, or its mechanism (gears, shaft, etc.) may be stripped/broken.

You may have to see a dealer to get them to trace the problem. Hopefully a reset is all you need. Good Luck!

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