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Amplified Antenna For 2001 Rx300

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I am very disapointed in the quality of the factory radio in my RX. I had a 2001 IS300 and the factory radio was nothing short of spectacular!! I figure Lexus' 2001 model SUV would have a comparable if not beter system. I have the Mark Levinson system, I've heard the base system in a 1999 and i feel it sounds better! I have poor reception due to the fact that my antenna doesnt

't go up all the way as well. Has anyone installed an amplified hidden antenna? If so, what do you recomend as there are a tonne of choices out there. I came across one a while back that didn't need a power feed line for about $39 Canadian but now I can't find it!! Any suggestions on how to improve reception or sound quality without installing an aftermarket head unit would be greatly appreciated.


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Are you saying that your antenna isn't properly extending? If it isn't why don't you fix it. I haven't seen amplified antennas since the mid 1970's when I bought a little stubby Hirschmann amplified antenna for my VW Rabbit. Hirschmann was "huge" back then and it looks like they are still selling amplified antennas.

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I wouldn't mess around with antenna amplifiers. Just get your existing antenna fixed/replaced. There are plenty of DIYs on how to replace the mast (sounds like that's your problem).

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