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  1. I believe those chrome clips are just attachment points for the luggage nets. The center panel pulls up from the center but I think the only thing under there is the spare and the tools.
  2. I think this reflash was to improve hesitation on acelleration. What his mother described sounded more like unintended acelleration.
  3. On the amp, get it fixed at UR or get a used one on e-bay. On the Mazda 6 look alike, yes that back quarter does look familiar! ;)
  4. Need Input

    Definitely just pain the bumpers. Any aftermarket paint job on the rest of the body will look like crap. You can get away with it on the plastic bumper covers.
  5. No, it's not a common problem. But the actuators do fail occasionally. I suspect it's a one-off thing. But if you are that worried, get a Lexus extended warranty before your new car warranty runs out.
  6. electrical problem

    Remove the park lock cover and make sure it's not stuck/blocked.
  7. 2010 vs 2012 chassis

    Well, the chassis is the same but that doesn't mean Lexus couldn't have added mounting holes for a hitch in 2012. Lexus do not approve of hitches on the LS (at least not in the US) so I suspect any mounting points were present on all models (ie that no in-production changes were made). Get the car in and take a look.
  8. Nearly all cases of sudden/unintended acceleration have been found to be driver error. No production car's engines can overcome their braking system. Rare cases of floor mats sticking on top of the accelerator have been reported which is why all manufacturers now have floor mat hooks/clips. I suspect you mother did hit the accelerator and just didn't realize it (I've done it myself).
  9. Probaby can't hurt at this point. Try to get the motor gears/cables as well as the slide.
  10. This is bullsh_t. Probably too late to do anything now, but if the car was brand new, then you were defrauded and a letter to your Attorney General naming the dealer in question and copied to Lexus USA and the local TV stations is in order.
  11. using Pirelli tires

    Of course you can - providing you have 18" wheels! The Pirelli Cinturato P7 A/S Plus is probably the best luxury car tire out there.
  12. The "warranty enhancement" is for the 2007 LS and the 2006-2008 IS. Your car isn't covered under it but if you have a good relationship with your dealer, they might go to bat for you with Lexus Corp. If it's Johnson Lexus, though, don't bother - they are a total waste of time.
  13. Dealers are aware of this warranty enhancement. They can pull it up on their computer in seconds.
  14. Just FYI, Lexus has a "warranty enhancement" for this defect now.