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I've heard people tell amazing stories of both speakers blowing at the same time.

I don't believe a word of it but thought I'd give you some useless info. :D

Once you've got it taken apart, the easiest way to test a speaker is to connect the 2 wires to a 9V battery.

It should make a thump. If it doesn't, the coil is blown.

Otherwise, there should be about 3V in the wires coming to the speaker when the system is turned up moderately.

If there isn't....trace it from there.

Good luck.

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thanks. Sorry, haven't been able to get to it yet. I'm going to start from the Radio Head Unit, and test every wire (except Negative).

I have my doubts if the amp is to blame. Since i lost my sound from all speakers, I have to beleive the head unit may have something to do with it.

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Also, simple as it is...if you've got the factory phone it's possible to have the phone on which will kill sound to all but one spkr, a few ppl have had this happen and thought it was the amp. As for corrosion on the wires to the amp, that area is sealed pretty well, that shouldn't occur unless the car has been hit back there and repaired without maintaining the integrity of the seals where the body glue lays at the joints. If that's the problem you'll know as soon as you get in there, as for the amp, these are pretty robust (unless it gets wet), they seldom fail but it happens. It's possible to blow the oe paper cone 4" spkrs, but all at once isn't too likely and would have to be from a large aftermarket amp.

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Tracey Nelson:

Do me a favour. Turn your stereo on and crank it to maximum. My speakers are working, but something maybe wrong with head unit or the wires.

BTW: My SC was in an accident before, and the morons who fixed it scotchtaped it together. I would appreciate it if someone with a 95 SC3 would write down the wire pattern(colours) to the connectors-to the head unit.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I'm going to start from the Radio Head Unit, and test every wire (except Negative).

You should check ohms check negative to the chassis. Current flows from negative to positive, so if your having grounding problems you get no powa!

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