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Power Steering Flush?


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My wife took in our 2010 ES350 for service today at our Lexus dealer. It has 22k miles. The service guy told her that the power steering fluid was starting to look 'dirty', and that we should consider getting it flushed within the next couple of services. We have had 2 other ES models that have hit 100k, and have never had to do this. He said it was a problem with this model.

Is this for real, or just a way to help them to pay for their new service facility?

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lol, ooops, yip makes no sense

We'll let it slide....this time! ;)

Any recommendations as to when this steering fluid gets replaced didn't find anything online or how to do it. I believe its a case of remove one or both hoses and drain down and refill or to suction out the power sterring fluid cylinder and just top up ? Any recommendations ? I also read that you must use Toyota Dexron 4 fluid ?Thanks in advance

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i have a 2008 es 350 with 41000 miles. dealer told me recently that the power steering fluid is dirty and should be replaced. i don't see anything in the lexus maintenance manual about replacing the power steering fluid. what do you all think?

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