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Front Strut Bar


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Wow, that is cheap... however don't forget that you get what you pay for. I have a Greddy strut tower bar.... I used the supra one... which fits perfectly... at least for the sc300... I can include a pic if anyone wants to see.

BTW. the greddy one is not that expensive.

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I don't do much rallying in my car so I wanted it more for looks.

It looks really nice to me. I don't like the plain rod going across and this one isn't plain.

If it stiffens up the front even a smidge for that price, I'll be twice as happy.

BlackSC4: I haven't ordered one yet cuz I want to make sure it looks like what's in the picture. So I'm waiting for you to get yours and comment. =)

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Make sure you have both front tires off the ground when you put that in... Actually, you might now want to do that depending on how strong that bar is. If you want it for show then i guess put it on when the tires are on the ground. The good thing about ugly bars is they usually work good. The bars for by Grand Prix were only $12 GM parts. $88 for both powdercoated with mounting brackets

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