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  1. i have a question regarding to the same topic. i m about to do the same thing, flush the system, so went out and bought a coolant. i bought this kind of coolant, Havoline Extended life anti-freeze coolant. is this brand any good, or should i go with another brand of coolant? i heard that the SC's are very sensitive to coolant, so just need some advise here. Thx
  2. i did the same thing too, and i went to the dealer, they told me the only way you can unlock the trunk is to get the master key back, which means that you need to spend $$$.
  3. i m pretty sure that i didn't touch anything around that area, and i do know that i have to push the clutch in to start up, but nothing happened. if i do acccidently disconnect the clutch to the IG, then how do i connect it back on. and for the radio, the climate control is working just fine nothing is wrong there at all.
  4. hey everyone, i m in serious trouble, my car won't start up. i have a 93 sc300 5sp. yesterday i was trying to put back some pedals back onto the car,( the brake one and the clutch one), so after i did that, and about to head out, my car won't start at all, it won't start at all even without the pedal on the clutch. i didn't touch anything beside the pedal when doing it( so assuming it has nothing to do with the clutch or any wires around it). so today 2 of my friends and i tried to find out problem, we swap a battery from a GS to see if it is the battery, but no, that wasn't the problem, chec
  5. hi everyone, i was just doing my black housing to my car tonight, took me a while to take everything apart and painted it black, and now here is some question. 1 how long do i have to wait for the paint to dry?( assuming over night) 2 after i took the headlights apart, how do i clean up the old seal so i can put the new seal on? 3 when i was cleaning up the lens, inside of the lens had some salt looking thing on it, does anyone know what is that? 4 after i apply the new seal on, how long do i have to wait before putting it back onto the car? any advise or tips will be very helpful for my
  6. just wondering who makes that strut bar, but for 40, hell yeah
  7. i m interested in just the Bomex front bumper, if you are selling it (cheap) how much are you willing to give it out for, and i am just assuming that it is in red right? since your car is red. Thx
  8. no problem at all, just let me know when you want it, and i will go down to the shop and pick it up. for the soarer emblem, ebay was the place that i bought it, i see it on and off on ebay, so just wait around and probably you will see it, and also maybe try to search with "soarer" instead of sc300. one more thing, do you know where does the soarer emblem go on the back, the right side or the left, i believe is the right side, right??
  9. are you looking for all the emblems, if you are looking for the front emblem, i can trade with you, since i am taking it out and putting on the soarer emblem, but i am not too sure what i am going to do about the back ones. so just let me know.
  10. this will probably for the ppl who has SC and lives in the San Francisco, Bay Area. I am putting on a body kit for my car, but since i cracked both headlights (high and low beam)on the passager side, i need a set of those. does anyone know any junk yard around that area that i can buy a set for cheap?? THX ALOT
  11. hi everyone, got a question here, my temperture light and the light between 4500-5500rpm is out, if i want to replace those lights, what is the easiest way to replace the bulbs, also since i probably will need to take the guage out, can i also change the color, or it is another process to change the guages color? Thx
  12. Hi everyone, I think someone in this forum probably did this swap already, so just wondering if I want to swap a 1JZ engine into a sc300, would the engine just directily bolt on to the 2JZ mount? Thx
  13. just wondering what is the website where you find the sidemarkers, coz i am interesting in getting those too, thx
  14. i am pretty sure that the link that i posted is the factory blue color that came with, since i do have SC that is the same color that goes my school, but oh well if anyone doesn't think so
  15. i think this will help you solve the betting problem.
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