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  1. I have to sell my baby. This is a 1995 Lexus SC300 Red with Black interior. Super Rare 5 speed manual. about 120k miles. Runs great, a/c cold, everything works. Auto Couture Body Kit, Kei-office XT-A suspension (full coilover), Gram Light wheels. Carbon Fiber hood and trunk. Greddy Exhaust I have a pretty complete front clip of japan Soarer that comes with car. 1JZ GTTE motor and wiring come with, but not yet installed. Vehicle located in Arizona. $13,000 OBO Go to to see picture. Red SC300 Picture
  2. How about this... We are doing this in my friends car right now... You need different engine mounts for the 400, but the subframe is the same. Supra one work great. Don't forget, since the 400 is automatic you need a tranny too and a driveshaft. You do have to cut a hole for the clutch pedal. I am putting a soarer 1jz in my car so most of the plugs connect, however my friend is using a JZA70 motor and most of the wiring needs to be modified. Anyhow, hope this helps. James
  3. I still have mine, but PM me to make sure that they are the right ones. James
  4. you can look at mine. I have the same hood.
  5. At the speeds my car see's this hood needs the correct bolts to secure at the hinge. I am no way - going to attempt to use this hood with 10mm low grade bolts. I had to drill and tap them out. Just finished that today, and much more than 20 minutes. Two of the aluminum inserts nearly pulled out. I was able to reinforce them with two part epoxy and a night of curing, then re tapping very slowly and gently. All said, now I have 4, high quality mount points for my hinge. I still have the pin holes. Tried to fill them with black locktite - can't recall the number on it. Decent stuff. I'm
  6. depends how you want it to look. My rear offset it +18 and I think +22 in front but I have to double check, but It is the same as the vertex soarer. 18x9 and 18x10
  7. Wow, looks like everyone hates importfan? The hood and trunk on my car are from them, it is not perfect but is ok for the money. I know that them and many other companies like VIS have changed there manufacturing to make them better, but they are not the quality of most JDM hoods, but then again they are half the price! But not all JDM CF are good, they are really the king of body kit thieves and many of there stuff is not that great either. We import lots of parts from japan and when it comes to kits, you have to spend the big money to get the really nice parts. Even the vertex kit did not
  8. E-manage is way to go, I have one in my car and they are cheap to buy.
  9. The only hard part is wiring, everything else is easy.
  10. You can not use the factory struts, they apply to much pressure to the hood and trunk and cause then to not sit properly. I will try to fit up some other ones and will let you all know when I get them to fit.
  11. I just put a Cusco LSD in my vehicle. 2 way. It works real good, set it up at 80% so that it is not so noisy, but it works great. I could not believe that with the limited amount of 5 speeds that they did not come with LSD stock...
  12. I'll Have to give it a try... And then I will let everyone know... Thanks, James
  13. STill... did any of you find a wiring kit? Thanks,
  14. Front bumper is $800 - 15% plus tax and shipping if applicable.
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