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Hid Kit For 1st Gen Ls400


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Im new here! I got a 91 LS400 w/ 330k miles still running like a beast! ;)

Does or has anyone done a hid kit for a 1st gen ls400? If so, do you have a tutorial or some sort that i can follow? and did you have to adjust your bulbs to point down so it doesnt glare towards on coming traffic?

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check this link out. I don't think they look too bad.

around 7:00


Hey Killer!

The Wheeler Dealer segment is about putting an HID kit on a UK spec gen 1 LS400 which has a COMPLETELY different headlight pattern than a US spec gen 1 LS400. The UK gen 1 LS400 (and the Euro gen 1 LS400) also had highbeam headlights next to the low beams where our gen 1 LS400 had foglights.

The UK/Euro gen 1 headlight low beam has a very sharp cutoff. The US/Canada low beam puts out a big "blob" of light. While an HID "might" work in a UK/Euro gen 1 LS400, an HID kid usually works poorly in a US/Canada spec gen 1 LS400.

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