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  1. hi thanks, i know its original, but from the Agent it cost too much, I am thinking if I can found it cheaper via the internet I have another Question Please, my LS 400 Headlight performance is not great, they are new and still I can not see in the night very well, I was thinking to fix HID, But the problem is may be the other persons in the road suffer because its not from the original, so if any one can help or advice , Thanks
  2. Where can i find a lip like this in the internet? Do u guys know any company who sells this??
  3. Thx for reply still i can not buy them because i am not from the US, so the cost is too high.
  4. Hi I have a question regarding the brake system, for LS400 - 1992 I want to improve the brake Disc as in the picture below: my question is what is the performance i will get, is the Brake will be stronger or just this for a designe! :whistles: or shall i change the Caliber as well ? Thanks
  5. I have the same problem with LS400 1992. the Head light is not perfect ! so if any one have a suggestion thanks
  6. Hi every one I have problem in my LS 400 (1992) problem in the Air condition - Auto button I took the car for the garage for painting, and when i take it yesterday, i press on the Auto button for the air condition, but it's take the level always for the law button and its never go same as before for the High, or low, What did you think they did to this! and how can I fix it ! Thanks
  7. any one have any idea ? still the problem
  8. Hi every one. I have problem in the hand break light, one i hold the hand break out to drive the car, the light is off, and some time when i am driving the car this light work, i check the suse is new (front and Rear) and some time the light is work and after minutes this light is off again ! So what's the problem ! Thanks
  9. thanks i will try , i see this http://www.lexls.com/tutorials/brake/bleeding.html and i bleed the according to this lesson, and i start from Rear left tire, and after that, Rear right , but when i come to the front right tire, the brake come down ! and the prasure of oil not strong! and the master selender kit is new ?! any idea for this ? :cries:
  10. yes i had used DOT3 type of oil , and about pleading , what tire shoud i make it first after master selender ? and i dont understand this " Clean PS solenoid screen. " please thanks for replay and i am wate
  11. hi every body i am a new member from midle east i have Lexus LS400 power steering problem , the power steering rack had a leak oil i had bought kit from the dealer ( orginal kit ) and fixed it surely as orginal , but now the steering is loose ( ok ) when i turn it at left, but heavy and like normal steering when i turn it to right side ! any one can help me with this problem and give me the soultion ! ( there is no sound of the power steering ) . another problem is on the break, its ok but the break Brake pedal Flexible not like a new break ! and i change the kit of master selender and make a pleading and no change in the break pedal , are lexus break normaly like this? and there is a method to make easy pleading ?! and i am sorry for long question i am wate