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Newb's First Time Instaling Audio System, 96 Es300

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My stock stereo system (everything's stock) has been bothering me for a while now. The volume would go up and down, and the speakers crackles. I don't know what the problem is so I figure I might as well replace the stock deck with a CD/MP3 head unit, and use the stock speakers to see if they're still any good.

The head unit I got is the Panasonic CQ-DF583U (http://www.epinions.com/pr-Panasonic_CQ-DF583U_In-Dash_CD_Player/display_~reviews). I got it and a deck kit for $160, I think it's a real good deal. It doesn't have a subwoofer out, but does that mean I can't add a subwoofer at all? If it does then it's ok, I can live without a subwoofer.

So i got all the exterior work like removing the stock head unit and replacing it with the CD/MP3 player. For the wiring, I bought a wiring harness and connected all the corresponding wires. I turned on the head unit and it plays (pretty badly actually: it still crackles) for about 3 seconds and then it shuts off and won't turn on again. I think the stock amp is blown by the smell of it. It's not the CD/MP3 player because its fuse is still good.

Please keep in mind I am a complete novice when it comes to car stereo. I can build an entire comp in less than an hour, but I don't know crap when it comes to cars. I figure I try installing to save money and to have fun. Ok so here are my questions:

1) Does the head unit get its power from the amp? If it is, where will my headunit get its power from if the amp is blown?

2) How do I bypass the amp? I want to use the internal amp on the CD/MP3 player to power my speakers.

3) The two inputs that goes into the stock amp, by bypassing the amp, do you mean to find a harness that can connect those two inpputs together?

I've read the forums before but I can't seem to find instructions on how to do so. It seems that everyone suggest getting new speakers+amp to go with new head unit. I've been planning to buy speakers online but I'm always afraid that they may not fit and i'll have to go through the hassel of returning to an online store. I'm in Los Angeles and I can't seem to find any deals offline. Here are more of my questions:

4) Can anyone reccomend any particular speakers? I think i'll need two 6 1/2" and two 6x9" right? If possible, I prefer to spend $150 for all four speakers

5) How about these 6x9" TS-A6980R http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pna/prod...9_35258,00.html and these 6 1/2" Pioneer TS-A1680R http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pna/prod...5_35267,00.html

I'm pretty set on getting them but I'm worried whether they'll fit or not

6) I have a Lanzar Vibe230 amplifier http://www.epinions.com/elec_Car_Stereo-Am...-Lanzar_VIBE230 . It's crappy I know, but it was given to me for free. The amp is only 2-channel but I was wondering if there's anyway to get it to amp all four speakers using a splitter of some sort. It'll probably be powering the speakers weaker, but I want my stereo to sound even and not just overpowered in the rear speakers.

That's all the questions I have for now. Basically, I need a poor man's system that sounds decent. Thanks a lot for reading up until now. Any help is great.

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there is the install dash kit which is probably what you already have as well as another wiring bypass which has rca outputs


WITHOUT bypassing it first

or using preout leads only anything above that will fru you amp as it is too much voltage

the speaker sizes are all over the site and they are dead on easy to replace in either size 6 or 5 for the front door

it is better to use new wiring for everything or you will make more time butchering up the car,rather than doing it right the first time and once. as you now already have burned the amp

a sub can be added to any system even a stock one with the use of a line level adapter from the speaker wires to make a preout but you already have preouts it just won't be adjustable like a dedicated sub output

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I got the wiring harness (made by Metra) with the RCA plugs at Circuit City

So Now I"m planning to rewire new speakers straight to the new deck, but where will I get the power to power my deck? Do I tap straight into the car battery? If so, please explain how. Also, how do I remove the front and rear speakers?

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i actually got a wiring harness from best buy straight hook up with rca outputs to the deck. no extra wiring... still using stock amp and it's plenty strong. sounds stronger than the original headunit. using a 200watt pioneer hu that i got for $100.


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