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Will This Chip Key Work With My 1993 S400.


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So, you are telling me that this key has the chip in it.

And I just need to buy it and when it come, reprogram it???

Well, it doesn't really cost that much, so you could try buy it and see if it works.

As for the metal key, you could take a spare key to see if it comes off. I have my doubts, but doesn't hurt.

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My '99 came with a big key with three buttons built into the plastic part of the key ... I don't like it at all!! I'd like to have a traditional three-button key fob. I see them on eBay all the time but was told by the parts guy at the dealership that you can only use the same style of remote that the car came with. Is this true?



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I have two master keys for my 1993 LS400.

They are transponder keys and the top black plastic pieces is broken so they cannot be place into a key chain.

What do you suggest it do? Buy a a whole new computer or transpoder?

or What?

I'm new to these kind of keys and nobody that I know has them.

Thank you. Any suggestion will help.

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Thank you for those links. They were very helpfull.

I just bought my car and the owner gave me to chip keys like these.

Chip keys

But the bad thing about them is the black plastic holders are bad.

I'm thinking that I should look around in the junk yard or something or those chip keys are stick my metal part in them. As well as the chip. "Don't Know How That Is Going To Work."

So, I have to buy new keys for $331. If I want that remote technology. AND if I just want a duplicate that is going to cost me $34.


When I first purchase this car I was happy as a clown. But as days go by.........that would be 8 days.....something new comes up. I'm scared and hoping that, that day don't come in my life, where I have to regret that I bought this car.

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hope you don't regret it--these are just minor items bugging you.

on the remote---don't go spending big money on this--these are NOT like aftermarket units[or at least mine isn't]---you have to big within about 4 ft of the car to open it.

The owners manual says 3 feet !!!!!!

so--without the button is NO big deal, you are almost at the keyhole anyway--doesn't open the trunk anyway.

I hope later model LS's can open from at least 50 ft away like Chevys and Fords.

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There has been previous posts regarding this outdated keyless entry system on the '93 LS.

I have a '93 with only 1 remote and I am considering the following options:

1. Buy OEM from http://www.lexustoyotamitsubishiparts.com. Their Two Key Chip and Key Set is cheaper than lexus-parts.com.

2. Buy an after market keyless entry system like this one.

Stay away from '90-'94 LS keys from ebay. These keys only work if you have the matching ROM chip that goes in the trunk. Sorry, they are not programmable.

This is a great car. I hope these little things do not keep you from enjoying it.



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