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Hey guys,,

Just saw a add in CompUSA for a device that converts the 12V outlet to 90W electrical plug. I guess you can use it for Small TV, DVD, etc while on a trip.

How does this effect Battery/Alternator/Elec System in the LS?

Is it totally harmless to the vehicle?



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it doesn;t affect the car at all

i have one powering my ps2 and it works fine

but once the voltage drops below 13 vdc it may shut off as it is under powered when the engine is not running

some cheap ones also create a hum in the fm radio stations when on

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They are call DC->AC power inverters. They are handy, but be sure it's enough power to do what you want. Also, be aware that the fan in the unit can be a little loud.

I got a Jensen on eBay (brand new) for under $20 incl shipping. Same model sells at Best Buy for about $40. Check there for more output power for less money.

Mine is 160W (peak 300W) and it's enough to power a portable DVD player easily, but it isn't enough to power a canister vacuum cleaner. (I had hopes of not having to string out an extension cord to clean the car.) I haven't tried much of anything else.


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i guess it all depends on the car and what you are trying to charge

the one i use i also used on laptops ,but i would not recommend using anyof them to recharge any kind of battery as it will destroy it

mine was about 1 "thick

3" X 4" for overall size and it works great for the laptop or ps2

i never had to rev the engine as it remained on fine unless the car was turned off

it also does not have a fan either

only the larger ones do

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