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Drivers Door Lock Rocker Switch Repair - 94 Ls 400


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I have a 1994 LS 400. The doors all lock and unlock with the key, the remote and by pushing on the door lock switch - everything works but the drivers door switch is sloppy and requires additional force.

The problem is the drivers side door lock switch is cocked/slanted and acts like it has come loose from the base on the right side. Before I take the switch cluster out of the door I was wondering if anyone on this board has successfully repaired just the door lock rocker switch OR has anyone ordered just this switch from Lexus and replaced it (and has a part number for it)?

I've looked on eBay for a replacement but everyone seems to be auctioning the entire assembly including the power window switches for around $100.00. Also, assuming my switch is loose from wear if I replaced the whole unit I will probably see the same problem occur again.

Thanks for any suggestions and replies

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I imagine f I had the same problem, I would first try to repair the switch. Yeah, take it apart and you may find a problem that you can correct with a little JB Weld. Depending on your time limitations, it just might be easier to buy the whole assembly. I think you'd be okay with the used parts. The switch just might be the same as a Toyota so that might be another possibility. Take pictures when you take it apart. They really help sometimes.

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I just fixed the same problem with the left side door lock. All that has happened is the door lock switch has popped out of the assembly. I pryed the wood trim panel off with a very dull chisel. This panel pops off with very little pressure and it will expose the door lock and how it snaps into place. Simply snap it back into place.

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They're hard to fix, I've tried twice and failed, I ended up replacing them. The problem is there isn't enough plastic where the "loop" is that holds the rocker down. Once it breaks, your toast. The lock switch and window lock can be removed individually from the whole assembly and replaced by itself. Buy a new assembly, remove the door/window lock switch and place it in yours.

Here is a current listing of an assembly without the wood that may work:


This one is in rough shape, but gives you a better look:


They come up often on eBay, you should be able to find a good one for less then $50USD.

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Thank you folks - I took mine out of the door and confirmed the tab with the hole in it was broken on the right side.

I have also tried to repair these switches on some Camrys I've owned - none of them ever functioned correctly after the repair but I could go down to my local U-Pull-It and get another switch for $5.00.

I am going after one of the ones listed on eBay - now that I've pulled the original switch unit out it will be a simple fix. I appreciate the responses!

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