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  1. I want to get a bike rack that installs on a hitch but read the user guide and it says they discourage any type of towing or racks on hitches. The manual follows with 10 pages on how to tow if it is equipped with a tow package. I didn’t buy a RX350 with a tow package. Can it be modified to get a tow package? Or can a hitch be installed?
  2. Thank you for clarifying. I have been through many car washes to date and the doors do not lock and unlock so at least I determined through experience that wasn’t a problem. But good to know when I have wash it! Thanks again.
  3. You are definitely on top of things and have given great consideration to implications if “Hal” takes over. 😊 What the heck, I’ll give that app a try. I’ll probably like it because I am a computer savvy lady. Thanks for the good advice!!!
  4. That's awesome! Thank you for sharing that information. Aren't you concerned that the cyber enemy might hack your car and take it over? In this day and age of digital control, snooping and hacking, I'm debating whether or not I want to manage my car over the internet. Just sayin....
  5. I am now the proud owner of a 2022 RX350 and agree it is super techno as compared to the top ‘o the line 2009 CTS I just sold. But I love all the techno features. I read probably 350 pages of the 5 manuals to answer some questions and get me started. It has been a week and I finally have it configured to 95%. The airplay is awesome. I do find it stupid that you can’t lock the car unless the FOB is near it. Duh…..that is when you really need it locked. It certainly doesn’t seem to lock on its own when I walk away. Otherwise—love all the safety features and awesome camera to parallel park. Awesome!
  6. Not sure what I’m doing on this blog so if I replied 2 times before this disregard. Writing to thank Les Lex for the advice. Will try that solution tomorrow.
  7. Just bought a 2022 RX350. I will have use a auto-brushless carwash now and then because I can't always do it myself at home (especially in the winter). The user manual says the FOB has to be 6ft or more away from the car because water hitting the doorhandle will cause the door to lock and unlock repeatedly while in the wash and it could screw up something (FOB? touch door handle?) How am I supposed to be sitting in the car going thru the wash w/o my FOB? Where am I supposed to put the FOB while I"m in the car going through the wash? Maybe I'm stupid or misread the user manual. Can someone 'splain to me?
  8. thank you. I just bought a 2022 and didn't even think of it until i went grocery shopping yesterday. Need the cargo net!
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