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  1. I have a black on black 2000 Lexus LS 400 Platinum Edition with 121,000 miles. The center panel in the driver's seat has split (in the middle - not at the seam). The Platinum Edition has what Lexus describes as the "Uniquely textured Royale leather trim". I've checked with the dealer and can only purchase a full seat cover for $1000.00 (ouch!). This should be about a $250.00 patch panel repair at most - I just need to find the correct black "Royale" leather. Can any of you fellow Lexus owners help direct me to a vendor or jobber that sells black "Royale" leather?
  2. I don't think it is paint. It has the thickness and feel of hard black electrical tape (kind of crispy). The adjuster that looked at it also thought it was a coated piece. You are probably correct that I can peel the rest of the coating off and paint it. I'll give it another week or so and, if no one else has any suggestions or experience, I will probably just paint it. Thanks
  3. I have a 2000 Lexus LS 400 Platinum Edition that has developed an odd problem on the passenger door. On the passenger front door "B" pillar molding the black plastic/vinyl coating has peeled off the bottom edge. I checked with Lexus and they only sell the entire window frame (at $600.00+!) to repair the problem. Checks with a couple of local high-end body shops have not resulted in any help. I've seen ebay ads for large sheets of black vinyl to cover trim pieces and they look promising and not too expensive. The vinyl looks like the thickness of black electrical tape. I would appreciate any advice or experience sharing fellow Lexus owners may provide on using the vinyl or any other repair method. Also - I would appreciate guidance on installation of the vinyl for this trim piece - it feels like it is snapped-on the window frame. Does it "pop-off" with a little pressure? Thanks.
  4. Thank you folks - I took mine out of the door and confirmed the tab with the hole in it was broken on the right side. I have also tried to repair these switches on some Camrys I've owned - none of them ever functioned correctly after the repair but I could go down to my local U-Pull-It and get another switch for $5.00. I am going after one of the ones listed on eBay - now that I've pulled the original switch unit out it will be a simple fix. I appreciate the responses!
  5. I have a 1994 LS 400. The doors all lock and unlock with the key, the remote and by pushing on the door lock switch - everything works but the drivers door switch is sloppy and requires additional force. The problem is the drivers side door lock switch is cocked/slanted and acts like it has come loose from the base on the right side. Before I take the switch cluster out of the door I was wondering if anyone on this board has successfully repaired just the door lock rocker switch OR has anyone ordered just this switch from Lexus and replaced it (and has a part number for it)? I've looked on eBay for a replacement but everyone seems to be auctioning the entire assembly including the power window switches for around $100.00. Also, assuming my switch is loose from wear if I replaced the whole unit I will probably see the same problem occur again. Thanks for any suggestions and replies
  6. I just purchased a 2001 LX470. The options listed for the original purchase are pretty standard: Mark Levinson Stereo, Roof Rack, Trailer Hitch, Floor Mats etc. The color combination is Golden Pearl (code 057) with an Ivory interior. The LX was purchased new in South Carolina and has always been in SC and Georgia. The horizontal bars in the grill in this vehicle is color-matched (Golden Pearl) to the body color. I have seen this effect before I bought this vehicle but it seems that every LX 470 I see now has a black and chrome trimmed grill. Do you experts know if Lexus shipped some versions of the LX 470 with a color-matched grill or do I have a vehicle that the previous owner "upgraded"? I'm not sure how much I like this look but I know a new grill is probably big $$$. The rest of the vehicle seems to be pure stock with no modifications or "add-ons". Thanks in advance for any views or information.
  7. :) Update: I have taken the 2000 LS 400 back to the local dealer to have all the minor trim problems fixed under warranty. They have been great - no hassle at all. I have only paid for the 40K service and a precautionary alignment. The service manager and your posts have convinced me that this is a keeper. I plan to shell out the ~$2000 for the extended 100K Lexus warranty coverage and keep the car. The more I drive this car the more I like it. The ride is a little soft but the car is so quiet and smooth. It is getting >20 MPG in combination driving and has great power when you need it. I think the wheels are a big selling point over the standard LS 400 versions and I love the platinum emblems and mono-color theme. My wife got tired of putting gas in the LX470 and on Monday she said she wanted to start driving this vehicle. A new question for you - what do you folks use on the interior transmission shifter plastic and on the woodgrain to keep them looking and shiny and feeling slick? My shifter indicator plastic has some minor hazing. I have used toothpaste in the past on plastic surfaces but this probably warrants some additional care.
  8. Thanks for the responses - looks like I have an SF Platinum model based on your postings - It was leased new in Florida and does not have heated seats. Sorry I missed out on the AMEX membership payment. I really like the exterior appearance (wheels, emblems and lower cladding) but I believe I would prefer the "standard" woodgrain" over the birds-eye maple - it looks a little richer to me. I bought this car to replace a 1999 black on black LS my wife drove. I sold that car in January with 59K and bought her a 2002 LX 470. Based on her so-so reaction I honestly thought she missed the 1999 and was saying the 470 was just "OK". When I brought this 2000 model home (surprise!) she responded with "what the h**l did you buy that for - I don't want it. So - I am driving the 2000 LS now - it is a great car but if I knew I was going to wind up driving it I probably should have strreeetched my outlay and purchased a 2001 LS 430. If I sell the 2000 now I will take a beating on the depreciation. However, I have been told by a electronics specialist that he believes Lexus really cheapened whats behind the panels and the infrastructure of the LS 430 based on opening them up to install DVD players and XM radios. He suggests sticking with a 2000 or older LS for a more solid, over-engineered car.
  9. I just bought a 2000 LS 400. It is black with a black interior and is a "Platinum Edition" I previouly owned a 1999 LS 400 (same color combination). From what I remember, the differences I see are: black emblems, black lower body cladding, alloy wheels with exposed lug nuts, maple wood accents instead of the darker wood accents, leather seat surfaces that are matt-finish instead of shiny leather, floor mats that say "Platinum" and side emblems that say "Platinum". Can any of you tell me about any other differences or extras about this model as compared to a "standard" 2000 LS 400? Thanks!
  10. Hello: I have a 2002 LX470 and want to add the rear spoiler/deflector to the edge of the roof. Anyone that has tackled this please let me know: - How much did it cost and where did you buy the part? - Did you use the metal "blade" version or the plastic version similar to the ones found on Sequoias? If the latter - did it come pre-finished in the body color? - Did you change over the 3rd brake light to the one mounted in the spoiler (If so - how difficult was this? - How many holes did you have to drill? I had one mounted on my 1997 Landcruiser and it helped keep the rear window clean. Thanks for any replies.