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  1. Thanks for the answers. I'll see what I can find. I wish this was a hobby car. It's my daily driver and summer is here. I'm looking to get something some soon.
  2. well i don't really care about speed to be honest. the slower i can go the more tickets i could avoid. I can't seem to find a motor on the internet and want to find one from a reliable source for a decent price. i'm not looking to spend 3k dollars on a motor and tranny. any suggestions?
  3. I was lookin to purchase a new motor and tranny because there's just too much wrong with my motor now and the tranny is shot. I found a Jdm motor and transmission online with the wiring harness and ecu and was wondering if that would be an easy drop in process with little or no fabrication. TIA, joel
  4. Could be the cluster itself. My cars gas gauge doesn't move unless its really hot outside, so when the gas light comes on that's my indicator i need to fill up.
  5. The pump sits right on top of the alternator. So of course when one goes so does the other. Ive had that problem twice on my ls. Mechanic said he replaced the pump but it's still leaking. Good thing I have a lifetime warranty on my autozone one and a one year on my 200 amp. When my leak is fixed I'll put my 200 amp back in for my sound system.
  6. It's only happening on idle. It sounds like there's marbles rolling around. Someone told me it could be the compressor clutch.
  7. So I haven't had ac in quite some time. I recharged the system and now it blows really cold but the compressor is very noisy. Is the compressor shot or is their a part on it I can replace to save some $$$
  8. Well the hose that goes from the pump to the intake manifold is very flimsy. It will crease after a few minutes of driving and you can tell a huge difference in the power steering. Could that vacuum line cause the problem?
  9. Well if its a hazard I'll just replace the power steering pump myself. Last mechanic i took it to said he fixed it, but its still leaking.
  10. Oh btw i remember seeing a thread on here that talked about making a cover for the alternator so the power steering fluid won't drip on it. I can't remember exactly how it was made though. I just need it for temporarily.
  11. I took it to a local electric auto repair place an they fixed the problem for 100 bucks. It had a bad connection and they replaced the pigtail connector.
  12. I took the car to autozone and when they connected that little battery and alternator tester they said there wasn't a current coming from the alternator. I can also tell my lights are very dim. And while I was driving one day it jus happened and my music got quiet. I also the telescopic wheel went up very slowly when I got out of the car. I'll try to check it again today. I'd hate to take it to an electrical shop. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Hi everyone, well this time i thought my alternator was seriously shot. The guy who apparently replaced the power steering pump didn't do something right and there was some power steering fluid in the alternator. Well i thought it was shot so i switched out my alternator with the stock one i had that i used for about 2 or 3 months. The problem still persists the alternator wont charge. I checked all the fuses and replaced the cartridge fuse for the alternator. Any ideas people? TIA Joel
  14. Thanks for the info. I'll have to check that out. My power steering pump was changed recently and I had to buy a new alternator which was only 100 amp. So if I do have to send the unit back I'll just swap them out and be patient. When I installed the alternator everything was fine and I had no battery light flickering. It just starting happening recently. The connections looked pretty clean from what I can remember. Other than the connector being cracked everything looked normal.
  15. I'm definitely gonna check the connections this weekend. I went today and read about that same results so that tells me it should be ok. I was also told i should run an extra wire from the alternator to the battery. Do you think that will provide a better charging current to the battery?
  16. Hi everyone been doing good for a while and haven't had any problems, but yesterday my battery light started flickering. I have an aftermarket 200 amp alternator I installed about three months ago. I also have two optima batteries. I like playing my stereo loud so that's why I decided to upgrade the big three. I went to autozone and they checked all my voltages and both batteries were fine one at 85% and the other fully charged. My cars lights don't dim and even with the volume all the way up the voltage didn't drop below 12.5 and was 13.5 on idle. My car starts and runs fine. Although when I
  17. check your timing. If it's off it will run like *BLEEP* on a cold start. Take the timing covers off and see if the lines are matching up with the cams and the crank.
  18. thats a damn maf adapter plate to fit a cone air filter. i have one it doesn't do anything really you can buy one at your local pep boys although you'll have to drill holes in the plate to make it fit onto the maf. if the intake had t-6 aluminum alloy from the throttle body back you might see some performance increase
  19. my 94 ls400 had 125k miles on it and it had the original timing belt on it. I would replace it because if you're selling it that could be a mark up on the price because it just had some serious maintenance. It's up to you though.
  20. Ahh I see is the adhesive required or will the tabs and screws hold the moulding in place?
  21. Yes Billy that's exactly what I was talking about THANKS!
  22. I had a mishap at the wheel I don't really want to talk about it buy I blew out two tires. The alignment got knocked out however I have free alignment at firestone and they fixed that and said there was no suspension damage. I messed up the drivers side rear door panel and wanted to know how to take it off so I can replace it. Thanks in advance. First accident after driving three years couldve been worse. Oh and I bought some 18inch wheels with brand new tires for 350 so I lucked out. They didn't affect the ride quality the car still rides just as good as it did before. I would just like to kn
  23. Like curious b said never run the amp lower than its impedance level. Running a lower impedance level is allowing more power to be drawn from the amp which is overloading the amp. The amp is probably on fire and cutting itself off so that it doesn't fry. If you want to stick with the pioneer get a small separate amp to power the sub and wire it. I've wired all the stuff in my car however i have an after market radio. The stock radio isn't going to have a remote wire hook up however you can hook the wire up to something else to tell the amp to cut on. The rca's may be hooked up with an adapter
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