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I Need Alittle Help Pls!

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I'm aware that the GS300 has certain abilities in terms of subtle talents such as holding down the unlock button on your key will put down all window on your vehicles except the windshields, tapping the steering wheel control eight times will extend the demand a little more, and many other tricks. But, I want to be able to do the trick that when you put your key in the door lock and hold it towards the locked an unlocked position, the windows roll down and and back up, respectively.

So any help as to how I may be able to do this? Preferably without going to the dealership and dealing with their bullS#*t.

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It would help if you put the model year next to the model in your profile. Look to the left ... for example I have "2000 LS400" as my "Car Model".

Features on the GS300 vary significantly depending on model year.

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