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  1. I have a 99 GS300, heater won’t blow out hot air, blower works but air is cold. AC works fine. Learning as I go, Need help.

  2. whatsup man, i was just reading up on your post about the jet supercharger kit, lol *BLEEP* is nuts. did the guy ever get back to you about it??

  3. cause they are ebay crap. those headlights are seriously junk sir..... B)
  4. Found that out the hard way I had to buy another one today. what kind are you looking for? i have a few at the house Do you still have the OEM HID Light for the GS 300 1998? nope, sold it.
  5. nah its a direct bolt on with the vertex kit. panda has one, 2 guys in japan (one being a red drift car other is the vertex one) and one guy in hawaii has one check it out here http://www.clublexus.com/forums/gs-second-...x-makeover.html
  6. just so u guys know the car ACTUALLY holds 19.5 gallons. i typically drive bout 340-360 miles in the city and close to 400 on the interstate (doing UNDER 2,200 rpms with cruise) and i average bout 17-19 in city and 22-24 on highway in my 2001 gs430. light on my dash lights up and from trial and error i have discovered i have bout 80-100 miles left even after my nav screen shows zero i drive for close to 80-100 miles and i still have some gas. lexus put WAY to much reserve in their
  7. u sure it comes from the speedometer and not right about knee level when sitting in seat? this is where the drivers side servo is located, by the right kneecap
  8. isn't a P0171 a o2 code? check bank 1 o2 sensor from my recollection
  9. i use lexol....it works good. im not thrilled with it but it does work well
  10. it is possible your remote ecu (that is located in the passenger rear c-pillar has gone bad) i HIGHLY doubt all your actuators went out at the same time although it is problem
  11. the noise, is it coming from behind the speedometer or where is this noise coming from? any problems with the car? does it do it on start up? anytime the car is on? when you run the air? what? need some details sir.........
  12. here....easy DIY http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...showtopic=46410
  13. yeah get a kit like i linked or one from the other link
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