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  1. The rear passenger CV Boot is leaking and I would appreciate any help on what to do. Possible solutions? Expensive?
  2. Whenever I apply the brakes, the E-Brake light comes on... I don't know what/why this is happening. Help please...
  3. I want to remove all the capret in the car for a huge dynamat installation. I understand that I must remove the seats, both front and back, all the truck components. I want to lay down dynamat. Has anyone ever done this before? Any advice in removing the carpet? Center console? Seats?
  4. Does anyone have pictures of removing the front seats and/or carpets?
  5. Do you have any advice with removing the front seats and carpet? Tricks? Tips? Hints?
  6. I'm very interested in doing a huge dynamat install for my 2003 GS300. I want to cover the whole flooring area and do the trunk as well. The problem is that I'm not too sure where to begin. I'm not entirely sure how much dynamat I may need as well as the necessary tools to suffice the install. Also, I'd really like some help with pulling apart the interior. For example: removing the seats, carpet, center console, etc.. Also, I want to know if this should be done professionally rather than doing it yourself.
  7. I'm looking into getting a new suspension kit. I want smooth and adjustable. What I'd love to know are the places to find such parts. Tanabe? Tein? I'd like information on prices, website.. etc. Also, does anyone how the performance of the Tanabe Sustec Pro SO-C? Adjustable? Long Lasting? Anything would be great to know
  8. Wow, nice parts. Can I have more info on those ball joints? Price? Brand? Website? Anything?
  9. Well, I'm looking into getting an adjustable kit. I would love some feedback as what are the best ones for the best price for the best ride possible. I'm aware of the proportionality between price and quality in products.
  10. I want to replace my suspension to give my 2003 GS300 a lowered profile. I was thinking of an adjustable Tein Damping kit or maybe other brands that provide adjustable suspension for this car. But I want some feedback from people who have already done this. I want to know: 1) how is the ride after this? Stiff? Bouncy? 2) to what degree is the bounciness? Unbearable? Ricer-like? Still smooth? 3) what kind of suspension upgrades can I do to create a smooth ride? Adjustable damping? airbags? Also, my 2003 GS300 is approaching the 85,000 mile mark. Do I need to replace my shocks? ANything fro
  11. Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, when I get out of my 2003 Lexus GS300, and I close the driver door, i hear the door locks click (like its trying to lock or open.. I don't know...) and then a second later, the windows and sunroof open to its maximum and won't stop unless i put the key in the ignition amid the opening. It doesn't happen all the time but it's getting annoying, and I'm wondering if anyone has this same problem,
  12. I'm hooking up a sound system in my car soon. I'm installing a Double DIN poineer 7" Player,one JL Audio 12w6 with a JL Audio 500/1 Amp. The trunk will be fitted with dynamat, and I'm excited. However, I see in a alot of cars of which their reats seats don't fold down, I was wondering if it be wise that I cut a square hole behind the armrest section of my rear seats in my car. Now, I'm not too sure if this will affect the integrity of the Lexus quality seating, but if it doesn't, and if it won't hurt, and if it isn't too much of a hassle, I would like some advce or opinions on how I should tac
  13. When I put my key in the ignition, the steering wheel collapses to its defined position. No problem there. The problem is the squeaking that happens when it scrolls down and up. I'm thinking on just unscrewing the plastic houseing and possibly using some light grease on some of the mechanisms (perhaps gearing or something). I've never looked into it. I've never opened it before. I love any advice....
  14. Can anyone please, give me a step by step walk through on how to change the oil and oil filter on a 2003 GS300? I've changed oil on other cars myself though, I'm not looking to mess anything up with this car. Call me paranoid but it's a lex and yes my first one. Also, to those pros out there that know their lexs, give me some advice on what kind of oil to use, and also what kind of oil filter I should use. I would LOVE pictures, or even a video. Though a detail instructional would be great!!! Feel free to throw in advice regarding anything, from overtorquing to my grammar. THANK YOU
  15. I'm aware that the GS300 has certain abilities in terms of subtle talents such as holding down the unlock button on your key will put down all window on your vehicles except the windshields, tapping the steering wheel control eight times will extend the demand a little more, and many other tricks. But, I want to be able to do the trick that when you put your key in the door lock and hold it towards the locked an unlocked position, the windows roll down and and back up, respectively. So any help as to how I may be able to do this? Preferably without going to the dealership and dealing with th
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