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Kuda Mount

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Has anyone installed a Kuda mount for an iPod, IPhone, GPS unit, cell phone? What do you think of it? Was it easy to install? Does it hold the device solidly so that when you press the unit, the unit does not move?

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Yes, the Kuda leather mounts are very nice. The leather color of my Kuda is an almost exact match to the leather on the console and seats. The leather stitching is absolutely perfect. At least for my 00 LS400, the Kuda allows my phone to be positioned where I consider it to be in the best location. I especially like that I can rest my wrist on the gear shift knob while using the phone's keypad.

You can see the Kuda mount in my current avatar on the left and in my gallery.

Kuda USA needed a photo of their newer style LS400 mount for their website so I sent them a couple of photos showing the Kuda mount in my 00 LS400 -- it's the car with the ivory interior: http://www.kudausa.com:80/mount_popup.php?...amp;bild_id=541

Funny, but I forgot to take my wife's red handicap placard out of the passenger side front door pocket. They used the photo anyway.

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