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Rear Suspension Squeak (rear Trailing Arms)


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I have a rear suspension squeak when going over dips and bumps. Car is a 2010 RX350, just out of warranty with only 43K miles.

I had this resolved DURING warranty. All they did was lube and grease the rear trailing arms.

The dealer has again identified the noise to the rear trailing arm bushing with the car now being out of warranty.

They told me Lexus corporate is aware of the issue but for now it is a
"normal" characteristic of the car on 2010-2013 RX350. Apparently they
all squeak. I was told that changing the rear trailing arm will fix the
problem, HOWEVER the squeaking will come back.

Lexus corporate may be working on how to fix the issue and address it at
a later time. For now all they can do is grease and lube it at best.

I thought there was an update to this part.

Now mine even squeaks when you get in and out of the rear seats now. It's getting pretty loud and annoying.

This is what mine sounds like now just barely pushing the car around with one hand and the other hand recording with my phone...

lexus rear trailing arm squeak.MOV

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Just had my 2010 450h w/80k miles serviced no charge for a rear squeak under certified warranty. The dealer wasn't sure if it was shocks or bushings, but got corporate authorization to replace shocks. If noise continues, bushings will be next. Dealer told me that 2010 RXs - 350 & 450h - were known to be fitted with undersized shocks and that my new shocks are larger and heavier duty.

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