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  1. I think my RX ended up with at least 3" inches of lift so it needed the camber correction bolts
  2. Hey! Yep, They are different but because the rx used smaller bolts i was able to get them together regardless. I also used some cam alignment bolts to get the camber in spec. They are even smaller and may have facilitated getting the knuckle attached to the strut. Bushings aren't need, the bolts and nuts just kinda squeeze everything together..
  3. Yes, it is, I had some heavy duty springs i had shipped from Australia. I mean, you could try to build it as light as possible but the stock springs are only made for stock weight and an extra 100 lbs or more in front of the tires is heavier on the front springs than it is put behind where all 4 springs carry the weight.
  4. hey, sorry, I was just checking my junk mail and saw a notification from this forum. I did everything from scratch, I bought a sheet of 3/16" plate steel and a sheet of 1/4" plate and used my plasma cutter to cut out the pieces. I originally had a Sawzall I used but that took forever. I started with the winch plate made with the 1/4" steel going from 1 side of the frame horn to the other then welded on some pieces of 3/16" plate while they were bolted in place where the aluminum crash bar once was. Once I was happy with the winch plate and fitment I built everything around it, just kind of eye
  5. Well, the center diff is actually built into and is part of the transmission... The transfer case that you can see underneath is only a ring and pinion gear, the ring being splined onto the transmission output. So all of the power splitting is being done inside the transmission
  6. Hey! Yeah, there's no lockers, it's a very small diff not used in any offroad application... 6.7" I think... as for the shield, do you mean my hood deflector? I also plastidip'd my grill if that's what you mean... I'm not sure if I'm up to building another bumper either, sorry! If I had more time maybe I would
  7. Nice! What did you weld it to? The subframe?
  8. Lol, I could. Unfortunately with a stock bumper a skid plate would only be able to go up to the lower rad support so it wouldn't be very effective for condenser and rad protection... but maybe with some thinking I could get something to work. And as for a snorkel, the way everything is under the hood you couldn't get one routed, at least very easily. But if anyone is interested in a good heavy duty spring option, I put these in my RX
  9. Lol, I guess its custom. I made it from scratch myself...
  10. Nice! Thought maybe I should share some more recent pics of my RX, the bumper and skid plates are still a work in progress.
  11. Yeah, the very inside of the back tires will rub pretty easily on the spring perch if you're not careful with your tire size, especially with a more square tire tread. looks like your current tires are pretty rounded on the inside... the fronts can fit whatever pretty easily.
  12. The rx400h has rear struts, the 450h has the spring and shocks
  13. I think you're stuck with 235/65r17's as your biggest, I had the next gen 235/55r19's and they would sometimes rub going around corners. I can only fit 265/70r17 cause I put 2012 highlander rear struts in it. That leaves you just over 29".
  14. Well then, I've got 265/70r17 tires with rims with a 0 offset onto my 2005 rx330 with a 2.5inch lift. Should be able to do the same with the 2010, you sent have rear struts, just springs and shocks in the back so you don't have to worry about rear tire clearance like I do on my generation
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