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  1. There is another outlet in the trunk area. Those are the only two that I am aware of.
  2. exmeaguy

    Oil cooler line recall

    Yes, do a search and you will see this has been discussed many times before and no need for a new thread.
  3. exmeaguy

    Mounting a V-1 radar detector best place?

    You might be able to connect into the back of your mirror without having to go into your overhead console. I have a RX350 so I went into the overhead console. You will have to determine what works best for your model or find out what others did.
  4. exmeaguy

    Mounting a V-1 radar detector best place?

    Search Mirrortap (works very well) on ebay and then do a search on this site and other Lexus forums that have covered this in several threads. You can tap into a connector in the overhead console. The threads will explain how to remove the overhead console. You will have to find out, or test for, which hot wire is switched and which wire to use as a ground.
  5. exmeaguy

    Mounting a V-1 radar detector best place?

    blendmount.com and hang it off your mirror. Have used these in several cars over the years. They are made well and keep the V1 positioned just below the mirror.
  6. I have a Valentine 1 and I tapped into a hot wire inside the overhead console several years ago. I just got a dashcam and I am thinking of running the hot wire down one of the A pillars to the fuse box instead of the overhead console, not having a wire diagram of what else I can tap into. Has anyone done something like this before? Did you have any problems pulling the A pillar covers off? I am concerned about messing up the air bags or whatever lurks behind it. Any help is appreciated.
  7. exmeaguy

    Help Diagnosing Noise

    Maybe a loose heat shield.
  8. This is the normal "feature" operation of the transmission. A simple search on this subject would show it has been discussed before.
  9. exmeaguy

    Blind Spot Detection System

    Let us know how it turns out if you get this installed.
  10. exmeaguy

    Low Air Warning Light On Dash

    Being that you said you put 35#s of air in your tires, I assume you excluded the spare, which also has a sensor.
  11. +1 on this. Would be nice to hear some ideas.
  12. I have the stereo/cd changer with the nav unit, who is the manufactuer? Is it Nakamichi?
  13. Your comment pretty much sums it up. I could not have put it any better myself.
  14. I have the same complaint. I am not aware of any settings change to prevent this from happening. It's designed that way to be more efficient with the recirc turned on.