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Looking For Step By Step Transmission Remaval And Installation On 94 L


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Lets start out by saying I am new to the site, this has probably already been posted, but I could not find it so please forgive me if this is a repeat question.

As the Topic Title says, I am looking for (as close to step by step) removal and installation proceedures for a 1994 LS 400 transmission. I plan on doing this tomarrow. My LS 400 has 251,500 miles, and for about a year the transmission has been going into gear hard...I start it and move the shifter from Park to Drive and it grabs very hard and shakes the car (all mount have been replaced), the strange thing is that if I shift from Park to Reverse, it is very smooth, and then from Reverse to Drive it is smooth, to make a long story short it has been in and out of the dealer, and they have no idea, I have been thinking about just replaceing the whole transmission but I am a single income Navy guy with three teenage boys, so money is always tight, last week the transmission started making a buzzing noise, so back to the dealer, they said the front pump is going out. I found a transmission from a friend of a friend, so I trust it is good, I have access to a auto hobby shop here on base, I am a good mechanic, I would just like a little help, so I don't end up breaking something.

Thank you in advance for any info you could supply.


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Thank you all very much,

I have looked at the rear main seal replacement, and I have a good idea. I didnt know about, I will look at that.

I appreciate all your help, have a great day and I will let you know how it went in 8-9 hours.


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hello, heres the procedure for tranny removal its for a 2000 but pretty much applicable a good basis to start with, anyways where are you staioned at what branch service?


very nice. Thank you.

I actually did the swap today, I am almost done, just need to torque the exaust, top off fluid, and install the front splash pan.

I did start the car and run it through the gears, but I think the fluid is still to low, because it would'nt go into any gear, or I messed up the torque converter.

It's been a long day...8 hours with my hands above my head.



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