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  1. The last time the power steering pump failed on my previous 92 LS, I wasn't too interested in paying ~$700 for a new OEM pump either. I purchased a remanufactured OEM pump for around $150 and paid an independent Lexus mechanic to install it (and bypass the trouble-prone speed-sensitive steering system with a oil drain plug bolt). If I remember correctly, the total cost was a little under $400 and everything was still working great when I sold the car two years and about 50,000 miles later.
  2. I've had what sounds like this exact issue a number of times on my 98 LS. At least in my case, it has always been caused by low washer fluid. The "chime" always comes first and the warning message on the dashboard doesn't start to appear with it until the fluid level becomes ever lower after additional use. I suspect that initally, due to the location of the sensor, the warning message is shut off before it can appear by washer fluid contacting the sensor during the turn/driving over a bump. Have you checked your washer fluid level and does the problem go away after adding more?
  3. This website should be a big help. www.lexls.com
  4. About a year ago, a family member had something similar happen with a nearly-new Lexus HS. Unfortunately, he wasn't so lucky and the car rolled onto a golf course where it hit a tree, although the damage was relatively minor and easily repaired. I know I haven't been able to remove the key before putting the car in park on either of my LS 400s, but I guess the design must be different on newer models with the smart key system. Other than the emergency shutoff procedure, I'm surprised that the system even allows the engine to be turned off before shifting the transmission into park.
  5. After reading it again, I think maybe I didn't make my first response quite clear enough. I don't know if you could change only the plastic part of the switch, but I don't think you would have any problem taking a switch from any other door and using it to replace the failed one in your driver's door switch panel, assuming the 98 switch panel has removable switches like my previous 92 did.
  6. I've never had a switch fail on my current 98 LS, but on my previous 92, I had no problem removing and replacing the switches individually once I got the main panel out of the door. I don't remember exactly how they were removed, but know they came out through the bottom and the replacement switch just snapped right in. I can't think the design of the 98 could be much different.
  7. For some unknown reason, I believe the "Trac" and "Check Engine" lights usually come on together on most Lexus vehicles. I think you should start by taking your car to someone who can check to see what stored problem codes are causing these lights to illuminate. If you don't think you would end up making whatever repairs are necessary yourself, it would probably be a good idea to take the car to someone who can also make the repairs, ideally, a mechanic specializing in Toyota/Lexus vehicles.
  8. jaswood, I've been watching this thread for a while and can't understand why you won't just let it die. Since joining this forum, I've seen you do nothing but offer condescending answers to other members' questions and make attempts to start arguments with other more established and experienced members. That's not what this forum is for. We all know that there is abundant, colossal evidence to prove that power steering leaks cause alternator failure in Lexus LS cars. If you want to argue about it, I think you should go somewhere else...
  9. What kind of noise is the compressor making? Does it only make the noise under acceleration or is it happening at idle also?
  10. Why not just purchase another set of OEM wheels? I found a number of them with a Google search that were priced about the same as most entry-level aftermarket ones. You might also find some at a salvage yard....this one where I live has a complete set from an 02 for a reasonable price. http://rich-industries.com/. I believe wheels from a 98-00 LS 400 would also be a direct fit as I have seen 01-03 LS 430s with them installed and think they look quite good.
  11. And here's a diagram of the plug wires. firing_order.pdf
  12. I've never replaced speakers myself, but know friends that have on other cars with stock stereo systems when a speaker has failed. In those cases, changing out the failed speaker with a generic one purchased from Radio Shack, etc, seemed to work fine and there was no noticeable difference in sound quality. The drivers' door speaker on my previous 92 LS stopped working and I considered having it replaced but ended up just replacing the car. I learned after consulting an aftermarket stereo installer that in order to re-use the factory head unit with a new system, it would require a special adapter that took up a lot of space and was quite expensive, about $250 if I remember correctly. I don't know if the same would be true for replacing only the stock speakers on your car...perhaps there are some aftermarket ones out there that would be compatible with the existing amplifier and head unit. I'd consult a reputable stereo installer or maybe there is a more knowledgeable member who is also watching this thread.
  13. You should be able to find a good place on this list. Keep scrolling down past the advertisement...there are quite a few in your area. http://www.lexusshops.com/near/dallas-tx/
  14. Welcome to the club! Just a suggestion: this is an old thread, and in the future, you will likely get better responses by starting a new one. I think Sewell Lexus is usually the least expensive place to get new keys. With the forum member discount, they sell a replacement master key with the slide-out part cut to your car's VIN for $122.27. I've never owned a Lexus with a smart/electronic key before so I don't know much about programming them. But based on the attached instructions, it sounds like special equipment is required for your 04 LS 430 and new keys can't be programmed with a simple on-board procedure like on my older 98 LS 400. Programming a new master key may also require you currently have a working one. Perhaps you have an independent locksmith in your area who has the special equipment necessary and could program your key. We have one like that here in Kansas City and he is much less expensive than the dealership. I know he also has the ability to reflash the car's computer and make a new master key even if all the others have been lost. If you figure out that you won't need an existing master key to program a new one, or can find a locksmith that can do it without one, purchasing the new key from Sewell instead of your dealership would still save you over $120 based on the figures you provided. Good luck! LS430_keys.pdf
  15. I've always done brake work myself and prefer to stick with OEM Toyota brake pads...too many bad experiences with aftermarket ones and I have never noticed a significant difference in cost anyway. Here is a link to some instructions on how to perform various brake system procedures for your car: http://www.lexls.com/tutorials/brake/ If you don't feel up to doing the work yourself, I think an independent shop specializing in Lexus/Toyota would be your best bet.
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