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  1. hi its beeen quite a while my car is running fine still at 272K miles, but am feeling this front clunk once in a while, which i traced to the front UCA, i heard about the arnotts theres a thread on this, anyways, anybody has any info about replacement bushing for our cars, its seems very ridiculous to buy the whole arm for 300bucks or so, in nothings wrong except the bushing, daizen and some other manufactures has only for the 89-94 LS400/celsior UCA bushing avaliable, so we are left out hopefully some one has info i emailed energy and got a reply that they wont be making bushing in the near future, oh well
  2. hello if all the 3 nuts on the upper and the 2 lower bolts and nuts, then you have to remove the bracket that is attach to the tranny the remove the drivers side lower 2 nuts and bolts then the y pipe will just fall make sure you put some kind of support
  3. if you buy the bolt in then theres no problem straight swap 3 bolts on the top and two bolt on the bottom flange,
  4. its located under the car in the rear by the gas tank to the left
  5. check this thread i replaced mine sometime ago
  6. hello, nc yes still here the old LS already has like 220,000 miles still going strong, good to hear from you, buddy, take care
  7. just my opinion, could be your fan bracket, the fan itself or clutch fan rarely goes out since its oil filled, most likely your fan bracket going bad, and this cant be rebuilt or change the bearing unlike the belt tensioner
  8. still alive :D :D hows the gs treating you
  9. hi blake here you go pdf on the tranny at_8.pdf
  10. i use BG44K, good stuff, i add it every 6 months
  11. the rear brake pad sensor part# 47771-50060 around 60 bucks or so for the front brake pad sensor part#41110-50031 60 bucks or so these are for a 96 LS other years maybe similar part #
  12. congrats, didnt know that youve got yourself a newer ls anyways enjoy
  13. hello, heres the procedure for tranny removal its for a 2000 but pretty much applicable a good basis to start with, anyways where are you staioned at what branch service? at_16.pdf at_17.pdf
  14. still here, alive and kicking :D out of topic but full shot with 17 from 02 LS430
  15. hey nc11 youre still alive, hows the bimmer