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Brand New 2008 Nissan Trucks & Suv's!


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This isn't all that suprising though. I had mentioned in another thread last spring that this summer would be one of the best times of all time to buy an SUV, especially a GM or Ford. I'm suprised Nissan would cut so much though. Guys on the 4runner site are posting up quoted trade-in numbers for their 04's in the 70k mileage mark of just $8,000. I think if you want an SUV or truck, and know you'll keep it for a while, NOW is THE time to do it! I don't think it'll last either. I won't go into my theories about what is going to happen to gas prices (currently happening now too, but I don't think it's the big dip coming). But I do think a time will come when SUV's will be in favor again. Especially when the world begins to settle down with a new president for the next 4 years and jitters are calmed on which direction the country will take. And families get tired of dragging the tailpipe on their Civics due to being CRAMMED in there with two kids and all the gear, and realize that with all that weight, they're only saving about 5 to 6 miles a gallon over an SUV anyway, with none of the useful space and comfort. Right now, nobody seems to know if we're going down Barrack Avenue, or McCain Lane, and that my friends causes confusion & volitility...aka...hide your money in commodities, which results in increased prices.

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