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My New Other Girlfriend


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Damn 92Lex stop undressing my girl with your eyes, i knew that open top pic would be too much! jk. Actually when I got it it had no bumper.. at all and barely an interior.., there were several donor cars for this one, I still have the GS as my primary car, the Bimmer is actually a salvaged title vehicle that had some minor front bumper damage and quarter panel damage so i guess my new/wrecked baby had some major cosmetic surgery but its all good... heres a pic of my friends 528... i think its a 528... its bashed up pretty bad but in a few months, followed by sleepless nights at the shop it may be revived. As with all my girlfriends in highschool ( I see one of my ex's keeps 92lex's car safe), my brother will be taking posession of the bimmer in a few months so it can enjoy nice retirement weather in florida.



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I don't think that I would ever be able to part ways with my car...it's the best car I've ever owned. E39's are pretty, reliable and never they never talk back to you. How can you ask for more?

Why did you decide on painting the bumper trim to match your car? I've been hesitant to paint mines because I think that it breaks up the beautiful lines on BMW's. I really like the clean look of the painted trim on newer bimmers, but I'm not too sure about M bumpers, though. Post up some more pics of your ride.

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