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  1. Hi 92Lex. This is in reference to your  Posted November 12, 2004. How to change the side parking light and headlights. The pictures are not showing up. It's probably something to do with this website. I am not really sure. Is this information elsewhere? I have a light out and would like to take care of this. Your explanations are detailed and concise, but seeing how a picture is worth a thousand words I am missing out on the novel. Much appreciate you caring enough to take the time to put together this tutorial. Amskeptical


  2. here: http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showforum=14
  3. When did the lights appear? Was any work performed prior to these malfunctions appearing? Have you had any suspension work done?
  4. Did it fail for the light not illuminating with KOEO (Key On, Engine Off) or because the light is always illuminated? If the light is always on: pull codes, determine malfunction, repair/replace No light on KOEO: remove cluster, inspect bulb (if the bulb checks out okay: check electrical circuits)
  5. Does it occur all the time? Any engine cooling issues? Does the heater work properly?
  6. Can you take a picture of the suspected leak and post it?
  7. s*x, french coffee, and a cigarette. Bad habits but it works for me, though.
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