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Windows 2008 Rx 350

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You can have all 4 windows and the sun roof open by holding down the unlock button on the remote. You can also have all these windows go up by inserting the key in the door lock and turning it to the left and holding the key in this position for a few seconds.

This works. What I am hearing and can not confirm or replicate is just by bringing the key near the door lock it will make the windows go up without having to insert and turn the key.

Has anyone out there heard of this or any other way to close all the windows at once besides what I described above?

Gullible but Curious!

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i believe on my old RX300, when the panic button was its own key, holding the lock button would roll up the windows. i miss that feature. too bad.

Nope. They can't be rolled up on the 300, or any lexus for that matter.

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