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Battery Replacement Suggestions


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Looks like it's coming time to replace the OE battery in the wife's 03 Forester (group 35). Although the OE battery has never let us down......it is starting to show signs that the time has come for replacement. Not terribly impressed with it's performance to be honest (only 450 CCA). When I bought my ES a brand new OE battery put in & was dying when I traded her in so......OE one's I think I will pass on.

Looking for suggestions.......considering Optima & Odyssey....but they are way too expensive (close to $200 each up here!) & frankly for our needs, I feel they are overkill :rolleyes: & have heard almost as many bad things ( about Optima's mainly) as good. We are not hard on our batteries & have run down protection.

Looking for a maintenance free, quality (good warranty that will easily last 4 - 5 years) replacement with good CCA (say 600+) at a fair price (I will be putting the same in my Turbo Forester too soon after). I've got Die Hard Gold north, Interstate 'mega tron' :blink: & perhaps Napa on the list.....but I don't have the most up to date CR battery ratings (latest was in Oct 2006....my subscription started Jan 07...figures :rolleyes: ). I've also heard good things about Kirkland (Costco brand). :unsure: I am requesting all good suggestions. B) I appreciate the help everyone. :)


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I have had extremely good luck with the Kirkland and Wallmart brand batteries. Never had one fail. One is going on 8 years. (Kirkland) Kragens Batteries have been the worst, repeatedly failed on me, covered by warranty, but a pain jerking them in and out. Not impressed with interstate batteries either.

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Like lenore, I've also had good results from Wal-Mart brand batteries. I've also had good results from batteries puchased at Advance Auto Parts as well as NAPA. I believe that the key is to get a battery with at least 550 to 600 cold cranking amps and comes with either a 2-year or 3-year free replacement warranty. If the battery meets all of those requirements, I don't think it really matters whether it has a 5, 6, or 7-year pro-rated replacement warranty.

My bottom line is that I stay away from the $30 batteries as well as the $80-and-up batteries. I've never had a $50 to $60 battery quit on me before at least 5 years, and that's just about the right level of value-for-the-money in my book.

Let us know what you decide to go with....

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I personally like the Optimas, I have them in my trucks and they've worked excellently. Costly, yes, $182 a piece for Red Tops. When the OE battery in my RX dies, I'm replacing it with an Optima as well.

For a cheaper battery, I definitely second the Costco as I use them in my heavy equip. Saves the worry about a hard freeze killing an expensive one off :lol:

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