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Headlight Replacement Suggestions


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My wife's car (2003 Subaru Forester XS) blew a headlight bulb this evening on our way out to dinner. I have a couple of questions...I will be replacing both headlight bulbs at the same time & keep the old one that is working as a spare...

- Should I just replace them with the OE bulbs or get something aftermarket? (looking for something of quality, that's long lasting & provides as good if not better brightness overall at a reasonable cost). If the ladder, what do you specifically suggest? I've heard of Sylvania, GE Nighthawk & Philips (Hi-Visibility or Vision Plus) mentioned before......any thoughts?

Partsource (Canadian version of Autozone, Pep Boy's) has the GE Nighthawks on sale until the end of the month.

- How much should I expect to pay? (ballpark)

Any help & opinions are greatly appreciated. B)


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PIAA bulbs are higher priced but seem to have amazing output for $100 and last.
I have them (extreme whites) in my LS and LOVE them. Very bright, white light. I'll surely buy them again in the future. B)
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PIAA bulbs are higher priced but seem to have amazing output for $100 and last.

Silverstars are ok and can easily be replaced by CT when they blow.

I concur. PIAA bulbs are by far extremely bright for non-HID bulbs, but they are pricey (~$100/pr). For best output get the Xtreme White bulbs.

Sylvania Silverstars are great for the price. However, they just came out with ULTRA Silverstars (~$50/pr) that are supposed to give a better illumination pattern at night. I think the GE Nighthawk and Philips Vision Plus are along the same lines.

What bulb configuration are you in need of? I have two Silverstars (9005) that are sitting in the garge and are not that old (I think they have about 9 months on them before I went with PIAAs).


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Thanks for the replies everyone. The PIAA seem a little pricy & more than I wanted to spend to be honest. Steviej, from what I can tell by searching, I need a 9003 &/or H4 models which I can get for around $30 - $40 range for the pair.

I have my eye on these which are suppose to last longer than OE bulbs with much better brightness & overall performance...



any thoughts? :unsure:


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