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Question About Getting A Job At A Lexus Dealership


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Hello I love the local dealership and it is really close to college and decided it would be nice to work there. Just want something simple like cleaning cars or stocking parts, since I have no experience and am not old, only 21.

If anyone works there, I have two questions

Do I have to wait until they are hiring or what should I do? Send them my resume or just go in there and ask about job? I will do this stuff on monday.

Could not find anything on their website

Also is it nice working there just like the cars, and would I get discounts on parts and stuff?

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Just walk in and ask to speak to the general manager.

All dealers have jobs from cleaning to doing oil changes with no previous experiance.

What dealer and its clients can change the level but all have openings.

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I would go in and ask the receptionist at the front desk for an application.She should have one and then be able to let you speak to a Parts or Service Mgr.I do all my hiring and unfortunately firing but what I do is find my person and then schedule a final interview with my General Mgr.If you get a position at a Lexus Dealership you will be required to go to some training to learn the "Lexus Way".I have a guy that came from the aftermarket and he just does not get it.When I get mad I say"We don't work at a Chevy Dealership,what are you doing"?I started out as a Parts Driver and now run a Dept. at our Dealership so you can start at the bottom and make a good living if you want.

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