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  1. I have as many miles as you. I don't want to use synthetic because from what I read: synthethic is thinner and so will drip out lots more, and could leak from places that regular oil doesn't leak out from. I also always get the automatic transmission fluid done at dealership (but toyota one not lexus), the transmission is supposed to be pretty picky about what fluid it wants! The coolant doesn't matter! Get it anywhere!
  2. Hello I ripped off some of the plastic off my dash on accident Here is a picture Does anyone have any experience fixing it? My main concern is getting the right color paint and paint that isn't going to get destroyed in the sun or just change shade, because I live in florida. I do not want to buy an entire new dash that will be really expensive!! Thanks for any help.
  3. Sffans maybe you have different problem but this happened to a friend of mine whose car sat for a while. The gasoline was really bad and the only way to get it to accept new gas was starting it and pressing gas, it would sputter. After like 10 minutes it would sputter more and you could see it was getting the new gas. Eventually it started up!! Try that Start it up and hold the gas. Also can try turning it on, then off, then on then off. That is supposed to make the fuel pump pump gas. Hope it helps.
  4. well once you plug the maf back in, it should work
  5. i had that happen to me when my iacv valve was clogged. Also can reproduce it by unplugging the mass air flow sensor thing.
  6. Hello I have been searching about brake pads on this forum. And toysrme's evangelism about HAWK pads made me decide on them. Here is what I found on tirerack. My question is, are these good or not the same as Hawk HPS track pads? also, it says (axle set) so that means there is two brake pads? Are the rear ones the same and I should get 2 of those? Thanks in advance!
  7. thanks all for help!! in case anyone ever searches and has same problem is me the answer, cam seals are leaking!
  8. Infrared sounds cool. I managed to figure out its not rear valve cover by sticking my hand there, it was pretty dry. If it is one of the main seals how much is it to fix and where should I do it? Would toyota dealership do it? it is cheaper then lexus I would feel scared bringing it in to some shady small shop
  9. Hello I have just got an oil leak. (1995 es300) Whenever I drive the oil light goes on for 10 minutes, then off for 5 then back on for 10, and the car leaves pretty big puddles in my driveway. I can not find out where it is coming from at all and there are 3 different puddles all towards middle and back of engine. So I think it is bouncing off different things. I assume it is the rear valve cover gasket because that is what everyone says is most likely to happen. If it is the gasket I can fix that myself, if not I'll have to take it to a shop so my question is, is there a trick to figuring
  10. Folgot to write what fixed it for me. I just replaced battery and it worked great. Check that your terminals aren't corroded.
  11. Same problem with me. It usually only takes a few minutes instead of 10. Pretty scary. All I know its it is not the transmission fluid. Had mine flushed and new put in, and same problem.
  12. Thanks, I am scared, but will try with carb cleaner tomorrow!
  13. Hello I was changing my spark plugs. Took of upper intake manifold to get to rear ones. Replaced plugs with NGK. Everything ran great for a day. Then I had p0170 and P0305, fuel trim malfunction and cylinder 5 misfire. Car would drive great but in park and idle it would shake felt like vacuum leak. Then it would do a bunch of random misfires, P1300. Now I put in new pcv valve and some new vacuum hoses and the only code I get is p0170. Now in just D idle car idles at 700 rpm and feels great, in Park it idles at 700 and goes whoom whoom. So what is causing my p0170? I checked hoses 100 t
  14. Hello, recently I got an error code indicating my shifter solenoid was malfunctioning. O/D was flashing on and off. I cleared code, it came back, reset EFI and it hasn't again, but I am sure it will soon if I drive over 50 miles straight. If i searched right, to replace the solenoid I just drop the transmission pan, take out old one put new one in right? Are there any places online to buy one? Advance autoparts shows up a few but they are $250 and weird and not stock. didn't have it. Is this part maybe like oxygen sensor and is universal? Thanks in advance!
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