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Electrical Problem


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93 LS400

In my previous post, still haven't changed the distriubtor cap nor the rotor yets... not the main problem so far....

O.K. Here is my main problem for this post. Everytime I put my key in the ignition before turning.... dash board light lits up.... right after I turn the key, everything died. Later on, I decided to pop the hood and jiggle the positive and negative coil to see if they were loose which it isn't. Hood closed and tried again. Door light on the dash lits up again, so I decided to test the emergency lights and it died again.... Anything wrong?

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Sorry... Managed to figured out the problem already... it was the starter... going to rebuild it... DELETE THIS POST since I feel like a dumb !Removed!

just changed a guys starter b/c thats what he wanted me to do but it turned out to be the ignition switch

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