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Help With Replacing Stock Shifter Knob

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Hey Guys, I recently bought a replace shifter knob off ebay..got it for 10$. Brand new, or so it says. Anyhow it is in excellent condition but I have no idea how to replace the exsisting one. I got as far as removing the bezel and the screws from the knob, but after that I couldnt get it to release, obviously im missing at least a couple of things, any that could shed some light on this, it would be greatly appeciated.

Step by step directions would be awesome too :) If possiable.

Thanks in advance!

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Try depressing the button which allows you to switch the transimission between gears. I did this once with another car and that's how I got the handle to let go. Also, not sure if the gear selector has to be in "D" or "N"

But, let me know how this works out. I can't seem to find a proper replacement for my stock shifter handle due to the O/D button. I'd like to go with a wood or leather/wood combo to go with the interior modifications I've been making on my 97 ES. Which one did you get BTW?

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I need to replace mine as well. Not only have I not been able to locate a suitable replacement, I have no idea how to install. I'm no help -- just hoping someone else can shed some light!

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It is just the stock handle, because unfortunately, as you guys found out as well.. there isnt a replacement for the ES..at least not that I have found... =/

My current shifter is a little torn, hell its 8 years old, it did its time. So I bought a replacement , (stock shifter) for 10$ on ebay..couldnt beat the price.

I am going to try it today, ill let you know whart happens.

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