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  1. The raise/lower motor is tucked in the drivers side trunk bracket/fender--I would remove the covers and inspect the mechanism and see if you can see anything obvious.
  2. I have a 2008 LS460 and just received in the mail Customer Support Program Notification ZLZ. Took the car to the dealer and they took a few photos to send to Lexus and they will be replacing both door panels as soon as the parts arrive. About time!
  3. My car gets 30-mpg on the highway and averages 22 around town with Premium Gas. If you run an Ethanol Blend your mileage will go down drastically. E-10, E-15, etc..I try to stay away from these. Not only does your mileage go down but it is more harmful (corrosive) to your equipment. Environmentalists would have you believe making fuel from corn is better than fuel from oil--it's really not so. There are more issues with Ethanol than we can go into in this forum. Check out this article Also, there could be
  5. Check out this post;
  6. Where did you find this information? I have a 2008 LS-460 that the driver armrest is cracked and I would like to get this repaired.
  7. Found the problem--the Trunk latch mechanism (Lexus-64650-50040-Trunk-Actuator-Motor) position sensor was broken and shut down the power trunk operation. The white plastic position sensor on the latch assembly was broken. Found it on Amazon for $343.00. Works like a champ.
  8. At first it wouldn't close---after much investigating and fuse checking, I did a battery disconnect reset. and it closed and now will not open.There is nothing stuck in the latch, it is not the valet switch in the glove box. I can push the button on the key-fob and it just beeps.I can push the trunk open switch on the trunk and it just beeps.Is there some sort of limit switch for the trunk motor that could cause this?Could the motor be bad and causing this?At first when it would not latch--the lock mechanism would cycle like it was trying to latch and unlatch--four or five times but the lid wo
  9. I found a "warranty enhancement" specific to certain models, but it did not include the LS. Do you know where this information can be found? The dealer will give push back unless you can show them exactly where it states the LS is covered for this. Thanks,
  10. I have a 2008 LS-460 with 72K miles and it starting making a popping noise in the front right when braking at slow speed. Dealer said the control arms are bad and need to be replaced. Dealer estimate $over$ $9,200.00. I searched around and found the parts on Rock Auto--$538 for all eight control arms. I gave my son and his buddy-(who has access to a lift) $1,000.00 to replace all eight pieces---took them about 4 hours. It is amazing how much smoother and better handling the car is now. And saved $7,700.00 Now all I need to do is get a 4 wheel alignment and I am
  11. I don't believe there is an ac air filter under the drivers seat. If you are referring to the Cabin Air Filter... it is actually accessed through the glove box. You have to remove the little shelf and there is a removable panel that allows access to the filter---see you owners manual, as it is a little tricky to remove--but can easily be done. also check this video on youtube .
  12. Check Rock Auto they are aftermarket parts---but at least you aren't getting raped!
  13. My son works for a company called Interior Magic. They do contract work at dealerships repairing the trade-ins for resale. They are usually set up in the back lot under a tent or portable carport. Just drive around there and talk to them about a "side job" they should be happy to hook you up. My son fixed mine--like new. Took about an hour. I gave him $30.00.
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