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  1. I was the second owner of my 2002 GS3 and bought the extended warranty, but seat covers are not "covered" under this. I believe mechanical failures might be. Anyway, the manufaturer warranty had just expired when the piping on the driver's seat started breaking loose. I went to my regular Lexus service shop, to which they said I was out of luck. I followed up with Lexus Corporate, who then followed up with my service shop. Corporate called me back and told me they were going to repair my seat at no cost to me and to contact the service manager to set up an appt. I did and a day later my seat
  2. Hey everyone, I have a Millenium Silver, 02 Sport Design and have been going back and forth between which wheel and what set up to get (I know, very original situation LOL). I've narrowed it down to two wheels: Tenzo GT6, staggered, graphite, or Konig Hot Swap (carbon fiber inserts) 19"s, 245/35 Falkens all around. These Falkens have a nice ride/performance balance, and the extra side wall ridge to protect the wheels. I'd rather not drop the car (love the look tho) but I will put the wheels on first and see what the clearance from wheel to well is. I already have 17"s on there, the OZ speci
  3. I want to install a Jensen VM9021TS double DIN in-dash unit. Is this possible? I'd like to eventually add the Jensen NAV100 unit which is compatible with this. Any tips, advice?
  4. I had a 97 which had the same problem. I took it to Lexus for a regular maintenance and had them check the leak. They found that the rubber molding that runs around the lip of the trunk area had gotten out of alignment and corrected the problem. I had no more trunk floods afterwards!
  5. There are Auto Zones in Miami where you could probably order an OBD II scanner online. OBD II Scanner at Auto Zone Here's a store I found on Auto Zone's Web Site: Auto Zone 200 NW 191st St. Miami, FL 33169 (305) 249-7990 You could probably also find one on eBay Good luck!
  6. Hey, I've read so many posts about aftermarket tail lights and GS owners who wanted them, that I had to share this find with you. Smoke/Chrome Tail Lights for GS I'm not sure if I like these, or know anything about them or the company which makes them, but it would be cool if someone bought these and posted pics. These would probably look better with clear trunk round lights as opposed to the stock red ones.
  7. UPDATE: I contacted Lexus Customer Service, and spoke to a rep about my situation. Long story short, the rep called me back yesterday to advise that the service manager had approved the repair as a "Good will repair" and directed me to schedule a an appointment to come in and have the piping repaired on my seat. I'm not sure who suggested I contact customer service, or where I got the idea to do so...but thanks to everyone who offered their advice.
  8. Installed the RAZO knob this morning: I don't think it looks better than the original one, but it's a nice swap and doesn't look too aftermarket.
  9. Supercat

    JJs ES

    Rim Swap
  10. The one I bought will work will work with the A/T with the gated shifter. I s/b getting it soon and will post pics. The 2nd Gen ES and GS shift knobs are interchangeable and these cars can typically take a shift knob for an A/T car since there are no buttons (shift, O/D) on these. I think the one in your 94 GS is interchangeable with the on in a 92-96 ES300. I found this on eBay. 92-96 ES Shifter I'd double check if the part numbers are the same, but if looks like a straight swap. I hope this helps.
  11. That looks pretty sharp! I called Sewell Lexus and they quoted me $460 (I think it was actually more). I have the blackwood knob. I've decided to go with a RAZO shifter, Silver model, I found on eBay. I've seen pics of this on other GS's (at CarDomain) and it looks cool. This one's specifically made for A/T gated shifters. I'll post pics once I receive and install it. RAZO Shifter Knob
  12. The piping on the driver's seat of my 2002 GS300 is cracked in two places on the seat back and loose and coming off on the seat part. Now before anyone tells me to loose weight, that's not the issue! lol I have a funny feeling the seat covers I had over the Summer were part of the problem. They didn't fit very well. I found out that under the manufacturer warranty, this would've been covered, but that expired and my extended warranty won't cover the repair. Has anyone been through this? I searched the forums, but couldn't find anything related. I have a few places I intend to get estim
  13. Congrats on the purchase...those first gen GSs are hot. Well, if you look at the top of the 93-05 GS300/400/430 forum, you'll see a "pinned" thread which has a nice collection of body kits for 1st and 2nd Gen GSs Also, this is a good source for almost everything that's out there: L-Tuned I also troll ebay and have found kits on there.
  14. Does anyone know if the cargo net comes with anchors to secure to the inside panels of the trunk, or are the anchors (or knobs) already installed? I'm buying a used one and not sure if I need to get anchors or not. This is for a 2002 GS300 I just found out that the anchors are already in there, so just need the net. moderator, you can delete this topic if you want. Thanks
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