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How Is The 92-00 Sc 300/ 400 In The Rain, Snow


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Mine handled great this past winter. 

I have the TRAC option on my 95 SC400, and it did a terrific job.  I expected much less.  I live on a hill, the driveway comes down into my house, and if it hadn't been for the Traction Control I wouldn't have gotten out of my driveway.  I shoveled and salted, but more came through and left a thin layer of snow that the tires would just spin in, normally.  However, I felt the TRAC take over, and it was pretty cool.  I kept the throttle hammered down, but the car took over, and I sat and watched and felt my RPM's vary as the car would spin, grab, spin, grab, until I made it out those last 5 feet.  I'll post a pic if I think about it later, my driveway is very very steep, and my momentum only got me to within 5 feet of the top.  TRAC took me the rest of the way (I was in reverse, by the way).  I went the last distance from sitting still, so there was no momentum involved.  It took about 45 seconds to go the last 5 feet over the top, but the car did it.

Just my experience, no exagerations or fabrications.  We only get one snow a year here in Louisville, but it's usually a good one.

(Mine is for sale, by the way.  It only has 56k miles on it, and is just sitting since I bought my GS430.  See cars.com if you're interested.  And no, I didn't make up this story to sell my car . . .  <_<  )

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I live in chicago, we get some crazy winters, and i have no compliants. My 95 SC doesnt have Traction Control either. But tires do make all the differance in the world. If you have a decent winter season i would recomment getting 2 sets of wheels and tires, one for winter, the other for the rest of the year, get good winter tires.

Front wheel drive cars suck in the snow. Front wheel drive cars suck in the snow. Repeat, front wheel drive cars suck in the snow. They have slight advantage from a dead stop to accelerate in a straight line because they are front heavy, thats it. Any other maneuvers, ie turning, stopping etc. will be better with rear drive. Front wheel drive relies on the front wheels for too much, steering, stopping, accelerating. Most dangerously is how front wheel cars are front heavy. They dangerously understeer, due to all the weight being in the front, its like a arrow, no matter which way you try to direct it, it will have a tendancy to stay straight. Rear drive cars are MUCH safer than front drive (which have severly limited capabilites), this is why BMW, Mercedes Benz make all their cars with rear or all wheel drive only configurations. Dont let the propaganda fool you, manufacturers use front wheel drive because it cheap, period. Rear drive is superior in every aspect, lower cost of repair, better reliablity, better performance.

That being said, the MOST important part of the equation is the Driver. Driving rear drive is a different animal than front drive. You need to learn the characteristics of rear drive especially in poor traction conditions. Most people have very little experience driving rear drive, once you learn those characteristics of rear drive, you (as i do) will take a rear drive car anyday over a front drive in ANY road or weather conditions. Anyone who says otherwise does not have enough experience or knowledge in this respect.

Bottom line, get good winter tires, learn how do drive rear drive (practice doing donuts in the snow in a parking lot somewhere) and there will not be a problem, your eyes will be open to the truth and you will thank me for it. Race car drivers drive 150MPH+ in the rain through though curves and everything else, with smart driving, what we do on a daily basis is no problem.

On a sidenote, ABS sucks in the snow.

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I have a 92 SC 300 with the TRAC option. I purchased some Bridgestone Blizzak studless snow tires (set of 4) for my car this last winter and was amazed with the difference. The tires are a pure winter tire of course (they have the snowflake branding), so the ride and handling drop a bit (very slight for a pure snow tire), but the difference in snow was incredible. I had no traction problems whatsoever after mounting these tires and would recommend them to anyone.

I bought mine off Tirerack.com. I think they were Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50 size 235-60-15.

Hope this helps.

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