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  1. i know this might sound dumb, but try checking your crankshaft pulley. Mine was slipping and it seemed like all of a sudden the car would stutter. I would be driving and then st- st- stutter... id look like an idiot. Then turning down the street one day i heard a little "clang", lost my power steering, my battery light came on (usually means the alternator isnt functioning) and the car was making the most awful "screeeech" ive ever heard. Turns out the crankshaft pulley on our cars is comprised of (to put it simply) a big ring fit inside another larger ring with rubber and glue holding them together. Hard to explain but in my situation, hard driving ate away at the "rubber" and the larger ring came off, throwing the belt off, at the same time, busting up my radiator fan assembly, and knocking around in my engine bay. The only good side to this? I went ahead and changed the pulleys on the car with unorthodox underdrive pulleys, got a little bump in HP and a smoother running engine. Also check your serpentine belt tensioner... those also tend to get faulty with age. Happy Hunting.
  2. Drive it slow... take care of it and watch out for leaks. I bought a 93 sc300 under similar conditions... I was a young 20 year old (now im 24... seems like i aged 20 years in maturity though... lol) and kept the pedal to the floor. Naturally the seals and gaskets went first, which then led to a lot of other problems. I wont go too deep into it, but just watch out for it. In my situation, the seals and gaskets (which happened to be paper like... ?) sort of "dry rotted" to describe it best. Guess that happens when a car sits for 4 years in a warehouse? Then with all the heat i created with my reckless driving habits, they came apart and it seems like i was a part of the beverly hillbillies striking oil. The engine should be mint, along with the tranny if its the auto. Well with 36K miles a manual should be too but whatever. If the car wasnt covered or stored indoors, watch out for leaks and worn weather striping, and if the vacation home was near an ocean or salt body of water, watch for rust in the exhaust and in those hard to see places. You should be able to enjoy an amazing car that i know most of us would kill for though. Happy Hunting.
  3. ok so this is my problem... I have done a search on this, and i dont think there has been anyone in my shoes yet but please help with any info you can give. I have a stock 93 sc300 with 97,000 miles. Low, yes i know... The car stayed in a warehouse for 3 and a half years ( was not touched, moved, cranked.... nothing...) because my friend bought a new M3, and left this one to rot. 3 1/2 yrs later i buy it, fall in love with it.... break it. I blew the head gasket. My question is... should i invest the 2000.00 dollars in fixing the current engine, or save up for the 2JZ-GTE coversion, as i have seen many on the internet ( engines )for around the same price. I know install and shipping will make the total cost more, but im talking about fixing an engine that has been sitting for a long time, could cause more problems because of that, or spending 3500 or so for the engine and install ( my estimates on parts and labor) and end up with a better higher horsepower engine. To me it sounds good, but i dont want to sink and time or money in something that could have a cheaper fix. Please help. also if you know anyone selling 2JZ-GTE's w/o trannys, please let me know. ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
  4. i have the same prob with my car... i drove it really hard to work one day ( running late ) and then that night when i turned it on... mass amounts of smoke out of the exhaust... white and smelled like crap. Popular consensus was that it was a blown head gasket... Then i got a guy a the bar ( im a bartender) from out of town, said it is really hard to blow that gasket, on a N/A totally spec 2JZ-GE... He said it is a possibility but to take it to a shop, get the radiator checked for leaks, and if its not that, to get the compression checked in all the cylinders... He said that would tell me whats wrong... havent done it yet... any help would be good tho as i am in a similar predicament Juancho
  5. this might not have anything to do with it but it happened to me.... i tend to run my tires really really bald. I do a lot of highway driving between work and my fiance's school about 20 miles from home. I noticed one particular afternoon, that my car was making the same kind of noise. The only difference is that mine did it all the time and the rate of "noise" corresponded directly with my velocity. Soon after, my tire blew from running out of.... well tire. Now if your car only does it at high speeds and not at all at lower speeds.... its probably not the same thing. If it does appear constant though, say at a certain beat, logic tells us that it has to be something that is rotating, or spinning, either in the wheel or in the suspension. Other wise it wouldn't have a beat. Does it speed up after 80 mph? or does it remain constant regardless of velocity? Good luck bro. Juancho
  6. TOE! Thats the word i was looking for!!! What did i say? yaw? Wow im a spaz..... :) Juancho
  7. whatever, now this thread is like not even about what its supposed to be. Theodore, let us know what happens bro.... Juancho
  8. chill out bro. I said if it wasn't the intake, like you said it was, and probably is..... that it could be the fuel pump b/c it happened to me. I dont drive a ford either. Don't take it personally bro. I wasn't trying to discredit you or anything. I made that mistake in the IS wheels thread remember? Who's the hypocrite now. Read it, I apologized for being an a$$. Don't start with me again. and my name's not Don, its Juan
  9. ....... ok ok... my bad... just a big fan of the look. There's just no convincing you guys huh? whatever, my bad. Didn't mean to start anything. Juancho
  10. sounds like its either youre radiatior, or it could have a leak or be really low on coolant. Have it checked out anywhere but the dealer. Good luck Juancho
  11. agree all you want, just dont say someone's car looks bad. If you dont like it, keep it to yourself. Its not your car. ('%20:chairshot:')
  12. try your fuel filter if its nothing to do with the intake. Its not you're exhaust. Dad in law had an expedition that did just that and it was a clogged filter. Happy Hunting. Juancho
  13. what kind of suspension work do you have done? If you're already using a lowered susp, you might want to consider getting some thats stiffer, along with all the roll bars, strut bars, sway bars, and all the other bars that the car can handle, to give the frame as much rigidity as you can. You'd be surprised how much the right suspension can hurt or kill you in the right or wrong circumstances. If you got that all covered, def go with a LSD. Trust me bro.... im the king of "el cheapo" mods, from pvc intakes, to cut springs, homemade piggyback ecu's, ive tried it all bro. Never tried to weld tho as this sc is my first rear wheel drive car. Anyway, my point is, you get what you pay for. In the end, it is all about quality and durability. What would you do? Save a few hundred bucks on the rear end, or spend it and fore-go a possible nightmare later on. Wow, i sound like my parents.... ew. God bro, do what you want..... ew. juancho
  14. hey bro... the same thing happened to me. It is def the starter. I went and got the starter rebuilt and it worked like a charm. Cost me 145.00 b/c i got the alternator rebuilt too. Watch out for a leak in the distributor, as it tends to leak oil in high mileage, older sc's. If it leaks oil, it falls on the alternator causing that to go as a well. Happy Hunting. Juancho
  15. ...... wouldn't it be nice if i could find any of you guys in miami? Guess im the only lex owner down here with a computer. LOL. So no word on a good shop here? Anyone? Help?
  16. Ha ha ha ha... speccing? Funny stuff... Never heard that before... Whatever bro... we've all been stupid a few times or another. Have fun and live young Juancho
  17. Define natural, and then explain to everyone else what you are doing here?
  18. hey bro, yea i had the same problem one time. I had gone on a drunken rampage one night in the grove and hit a sidewalk dirty style. After that the car would take any small deviation in the asphalt and... well for lack of a better term... follow it. The yaw of the tires was off. ( i think it yaw, i know its not camber.) Anyway, my right front tire was like 4 degrees off center, which... one, caused the car to handle horribly, and two tweaked my steering wheel quite a bit. I bet it would worn the hell out of the tires, alas the day would not come. A couple days later, some cuban lady sideswiped me and poof, it was gone. Anyway, i was just saying that i think it might be an allignment problem. Good luck man. happy Hunting Juancho
  19. Wow, that is def one of the sweetest looking sc's ive seen. Im a big fan of the OEM look and that just.....ahhhh. No words. God I love this car. Why sell it man. Its soooo nice. Keep the car bro. You just might regret it later. Juancho
  20. hey bro, the "X" piece looks pre-fabricated. Did you buy that somewhere or am i just mistaken. If you did, where? Im looking to do a similar mod for my car. A nice exhaust note with a stock look. Let me know bro thanks. Juancho
  21. the reason i hate dealers so much is because on numerous cars i have owned, 4 to be exact, the warranty was worthless. Nothing was covered, everything is in small print, and they all act so damm smug about it. These dealers include Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, AND LEXUS. When you say other side of the coin, what are you talking about? really? Little OCD details that need fixing by OCD drivers, or the actual problems that arise out of a used vehicle. I dont know about you, but I care about the one that costs me more money. Who cares about the dealer that fixed your tail light for free or some other inconsiquential fix on your car. I care about the dealer that doesnt turn you down when its a big problem. The problem is, there arent any. Other side of the coin? Please... If W Bush treated the Hurricane problem like that, we'd have cops shooting and looting themselves..... oh wait.... we are!!! Juancho
  22. so your first car is a lex.... hmmmm now why couldn't all parents be that nice. Happy hunting my friend. Treat it well
  23. for all of you who dont know how these crazy speeds are possible, remember, I reached 142 at SEA LEVEL on Card Sound road which is a state road going to the keys that along with being a straight bullet, has no exits, light, hell... even cops for 18 miles!!! The road is a one lane north one lane south strip with guard rails about 2-3 feet from the edge of the asphalt so no cop can park on the side. The only way a cop can stop you is if he clocks you while driving himself on the strip-which is also not likely due to the county cut-off lines. Miami-Dade ends and meets Monroe county halfway between the road so as far as patroling goes.... naahh. The only thing you need to worry about on that road is careless minivan driving dads with their families going the actual 55mph limit after getting lost trying to find key largo or something. All in all its a pretty chill 142mph i reached. Not the whole "omg omg omg omg omg omg... $h!t a cop....ok no it wasn't... wow this is fast omg omg omg".... experience we usually put ourselves through. That and its better to do it at night, not durring the summer so you get a mild 70 deg F, instead of a power killing 95 deg. For those of you who say the sc300 has no guts after 100... i say its your car, not ours. Mine was stock...rims and all when this was done. Sounds just like dirty injectors or sludge.... you seen that castrol commercial with the car towing the boat anchor and the piano.... yea... thats you my friends.. Oh and as far as a Supra's acceleration, My friend Reed ( now in at UT texas) has a N/A Supra and riding along side him with my girl in her F-150 lightning (sorry guys, highest she got was 130 before chickening out, but not with the supra...) he got to um... about 100 or so maybe 110 and was still picking up speed pretty quick, I imagine a little quicker than our sc's due to the 6spd tranny. We were chillin at like 90- 95mph and he had gunned it. Juancho
  24. thats a hell of a rip off bro. Dont trust a thing they say. If you were a woman, saying your bumpers fell off, they would tell you that "bumper to bumper" is a figurative term and say they weren't covered. All dealers are a bunch of liars and con artists who do nothing except try to weasel as much money as they can from your pocket. All but like 2 of them in the U.S which I have yet to meet, and am only giving the benefit of the doubt for any of you liars... ahem... i mean..."dealers" reading this. In any case... good luck bro. Juancho
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