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Painting Calipers

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I bought VHT (?) cast aluminum colour brake paint (spray can). Is there a DIY writeup on this site for it (I searched, couldn't find it)

If anyone has done this, anything in particular I need to know so I don't mess anything up? Will the excess paint spray be rubbed off by the brakes? Are there any sensors or anything down there I can ruin?

thanks in advance

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I painted mycalipers silver with no problem. The brakes rubbed the excess paint off of the disk surface. I would just be very precise when spraying so you only spray the caliper and nothing else. Getting a little spray on the rotor surface will not do any harm. I would definately put more than 1 coat on there because break dust cleaner tends to take the paint away. I learned the hard way.

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I've used Dupli-color high-temp on many things. I've used it on calipers before.

The trick is the same as everything else. You *have* to follow the directions. The surface must be spotless. No grease, the metal needs to be hit a bit with some 0000 steel wool. The paint needs to be baked in an oven at XXX temp for XXX amount of time. Otherwise they normally flake and burn off.

That's about the only way to get normal high-temp paint to get a great life on things like Calipers and exhaust manifolds. Normally it still burns off exhaust manifolds. Mine is flaking now. (The differance is mine lasted about 6 months before it became a problem, instead of 6 min)

I tend to heatsoak my brakes when I'm having fun. Boiling fresh dot3 fluid out of the caliper type of fun. (why i swapped to dot 4+, i.e. 5.1) if you're an easy driver 99% of the time, you don't need that much prep work. Just clean and spray.

I've never used VHT personally, but I've seen it on some friends cars before. I agree with SKperformance. It's crap even when you follow the directions.

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It flakes off and is thin so unless you prep the calipers to be very smooth they show all the ridges of the cast calipers.

Get G2 from tire rack it is cheap and the results are way better.

I think steviej used it after i told him the same thing then made a tutroial for it.

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I used the G2 kit (obtainable on TireRack.com). It is easier to apply because it comes with cleaner and it is a brush on procedure. That means no overspray.

However, in all fairness, it too flakes off. I am guessing in the spots where the surface may not have been prepped as good as possible. I have some flaking going on on the rotor hats of the rear rotors.

There is no flaking whatsoever from the calipers.


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