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Best Way To Clean Engine


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First: Locate the electronics and avoid spraying water directly on them.

1. Wet the engine area down.

2. Spray with degreaser like Simple Green (terrific product).

3. Let stand for a short time - scrub any grime build-up areas.

4. Rinse.

5. Dry.

I'll do most of this with the engine running just to be safe :)

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My engine bay is never dirty. No leaks. About once a month I just dust and wipe down everything. We don't get a lot of crap on the roads here and I keep the car in the garage. I don't think I've had a dirty engine in over 30 years.

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well look at it this way,, i use the gunk,, but i give my car an engine wash every sunday,,,,,,, jus use 1 or two cans on all areas leave for about 15mins then spray out with water,,, dry excess water the use armor all on the black areas,,,,,

trust me myy engine is never dirty n my cars is sweet i love it,,,

pics will be posted soon...

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I use laundry detergent. Powdered or liquid works. Just pour a little in a bucket, fill with water, put a rag in there and ring it over the engine. It cleans hands well after oil changes, fights stains, and works well on clothes too! Don't need to buy anything speical when you have something that will already do the job.

I do it about twice a year. Kinda dusty around here. Don't need to keep engine running. Everything is insulated. Never had any problems. Just wash dirty, grimy areas and wipe dry. I wouldn't recommend Armor All if you live in a dusty area as it may attract dirt during it's "drying" stage.

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