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i was driving around in elk grove, california and i saw this GS pull up to me and my cousin, i was like oh crap its the new GS i wanted to see if it had the 4.3 or the 3.0 but as i looked it all it said was GSX what is that? there were some words under it but i have crap vision so i couldnt read it... its not the hybrid right? the hybrid is the 450H right?


thanks for the input

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Maybe an all-wheel-drive model that's super brand new? Usually "X" stands for all-wheel-drive, and I thought I read something about that becoming an option??

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Believe it or not I have seen 1 too. The one I saw was a 2nd gen GS in Crystal White with gold GSX badging, I used to see it all the time here in San Diego. I tried researching it also but found nothing.

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